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6 reasons why you may be exhausted

Updated: May 8, 2023

Here are 6 good reasons why you may feel exhausted. Exhaustion doesn't always come from physical labor. Some of you are doing heavy emotional and mental labor. Some of you feel invisible and perform unpaid work to avoid conflict or to keep those around you happy and comfortable.

1. You are a "mood manager" trying to encourage family, friends, or co-workers around you to be up when they are feeling down, or when they are angry you try to calm them down.

2. You feel in charge of everyone else's well-being...especially caregivers, helicopter

parents, people-pleasers, the over-helpers, etc.

3. Anticipating people's needs, making decisions, and monitoring progress (e.g.meals, doctor appointments, sports practice, homework, clothing for travel, school, work, birthday

party planning, paying someone else's bills/managing their money, etc)

4. Doing chores because no one else is doing them (e.g. dishes, vacuuming, washing clothes, folding clothes). These are examples of physical labor but it's really emotional labor because you are constantly thinking ahead and feeling overwhelmed to avoid conflict or to avoid asking others for help.

5 You have a job that requires you to act contrary to your true feelings (fake and surface acting) in a certain way to satisfy the company. You smile and make small talk with

co-workers and/or customers even though you are ill, tired, underpaid, experiencing grief, a breakup, in physical pain, or financial stress.

6. Prioritizing other people's time over your own because of habit, or you may be single or you may not have any support from others. You take on more projects and responsibilities to protect other people's time and stress. You haven't learned to delegate or allow others to be more responsible for their responsibilities.


Thank you to our wonderful guests from near and far for attending my "WINergy #2 Wellness Forum" at the Michelle Obama Library in Long Beach, CA. Our speakers Dr. Romeo Brooks and Kevin Jones were phenomenal! We talked about relationships, stress, aging, the importance of activity, reducing medications, tips to improve our health and energy, self-care, nutrition, sexual health, overcoming diabetes, poor elimination, cancer, arthritis, longevity, happiness, and mobility. Stay tuned for WINergy #3 coming soon.


I will be speaking Sunday, May 7 at a church in the Leimert Park area in Los Angeles at 10 AM

1) You are invited to attend and/or

2) let me know if you would like to join us for lunch in Marina del Rey. Confirm by Friday, May 5 so we can make reservations for a pre-Mother's Day gatHERing.

Location: El Torito Restaurant, 13715 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey, CA

1:00 PM

If you wish to join in our color theme attire, wearing any of

the colors pink, yellow, white would be wonderful.

The average meal is $30. We cannot have separate tickets, so please bring cash.

Send your RSVP to

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