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Arrest the enemy to your peace

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Comparison steals your joy, peace, and self-worth.

In my coaching and counseling sessions I'm hearing a lot of conversations from women who are feeling unworthy, unhappy, depressed, and questioning their lives. Social media posts of fairy tale weddings, travel vacations, books sales, events, cars, people booed-up, new homes, college graduates, entrepreneurs, marriages, proposals, weight loss, clothes, eyelashes, shoes, etc. is creating a new phenomena of comparison. The pressure to perform and produce to keep up and cover up a sense of "not enoughness" is leading to relationship and marriage breakups, high debt, multiple harmful surgeries, injections, body alterations, depression, and self-esteem crash and burns.

With the overexposure of social media and people posting their managed image and often exaggerated posts...we are seeing a dramatic increase of people feeling inadequate, stressed, and in high-gear driven to have more and do more.

The feelings of comparison is a spreading like a cancer and steals a person's peace, gratitude, contentment, joy, and self-esteem.

One must ask these questions. 1) Is what I'm seeing authentic and real? 2) If it is, why am I unable to be happy for other people's success? 3) Am I realizing I am insecure and need to work on my personal growth? 4) Do I live in fear, lack, and jealousy? 5) Am I more concerned about what other people think and strive for perfection or progress? 6) Am I practicing good habits of productivity or procrastination? 7) If what I am coveting is real, am I willing to sacrifice, work, study, and cope with the responsibility that comes with any new level of well-being, satisfaction, success? Social media tends to show the success and finish line but not show the back story...the mess, the struggle, the heart ache, losses, the setbacks and attacks, the sacrifice, the bumps, bruises, and the obstacles that were behind the posted photos.

(These are some of our Women on the Grow, Inc. 501c3 partners aka "Sister $owers).

Our partners enable us to have an effective outreach to bless women experiencing hardships (e.g. breast cancer, abuse, depression, trauma, grief, unemployment, caregiving, illness, single parenting, homeless, etc.) Because of these ladies, we are able to send funds, books, offer free counseling, and participation in our events.

If you are inspired to be a difference maker and sister $ower, feel free to begin to join our compassion movement ministry of service. You choose the amount at this link and I will send you a beautiful appreciation bracelet gift.

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