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InspiHER about relationships

"The most common issue that women request one-on-one counseling with me concerns their situationships and relationships past and present (i.e. parents, children, spouse, siblings, friend, ex). Unresolved relationships, past trauma, silence, denial, unworthiness, and a lack of tools to navigate your relationships can negatively impact every area of your life. Are your relationships a blessing or a burden? Are your relationships fruitful or futile? Are you living with a lot of anxiety, anger, shame, depression, guilt, or blame?

What is your relationship with your self? Are boundary bullies crossing the line? Guard your heart, ears, eyes, and spirit. The more you detox your life from people, habits, and things that rob you of your peace, the more you will be sensitive to "mood poisoning people" who are critical, self-absorbed, abusive, gossipers, naggers, manipulative, narcisstic, co-dependent, irresponsible, negative, complainers, pessimistic, needy, and emotionally messy.

People who lack confidence and full of gloom and doom, distrust, and anxiety are a toxic cocktail mix. Learn to be smart with your heart, mind, body, and time. You may work with them or they may be in your family, church, campus, neighbor, organization or circle of friends.

God wants to do a new thing in your life. Learn how to navigate your relationships with love, courage, patience, diplomacy, and care. Learn to assess which relationships are healthy and which you need to limit or distance yourself from to move in your purpose and peace." ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

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