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These are some of the beautiful Women on the Grow Tribe sisterfriends who attended our recent gatHERing at our EXHALE HOUSE in Pasadena. Hopefully we can get you ALL in the next group photos (Kathi, Alberta, Trena, Carla). I love you ladies so much!!!

Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and criticize and focus on our past mis-takes too much... this is very harmful and a hope-killer.
Sometimes we are too easy on ourselves and let excuses and procrastination run and ruin our lives. Being self-aware is a great super power to transform your thinking and self-worth.
Many times I have quickly labeled myself as depressed when, actually, I was really feeling frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed, and in great need for time to; rest, decompress, unwind, detox my mind, exhale, let go, get off the hamster's wheel, process my anger, grief, and disappointments, cancel some appointments, unplug and fast from social media, delegate some tasks, say "no" to one more request, take a nap, meCation, stayCAtion, or vaCation. When you have gone through some significant life changes i.e. divorce, death in the family, job loss, health issues, caregiving, money issues, faith fatigue, empty nest, retirement boredom, caregiving exhaustion, new job, business owner, new city, marriage, this pandemic, etc...the stress in your body keeps track. If you don't rest periodically to regoup and renew... you will be forced to stop because of sickness, accidents, relationships strained, and stress.
I have noticed when I am avoiding conflict, decision-making, resisting change, or in denial about situations I cannot control or change, the default story in my head says, "I am depressed." No Jewel. Stop Jewel!

There comes a time when I need to rest my mind from; worry, anger, the woulda, coulda, shoulda thoughts, delays, disappointments, doubts, demands of my time, and the constant streaming of violence and hatred in the news. I need to remind myself to recite the Serenity Prayer.


Don't cheat yourself...reTREAT yourself because my retreats get booked quickly.

The word "retreat" comes from the Latin root meaning to "draw back." Retreats allow you to withdraw from the "real" world -- from surface living -- daily demands, isolation, and enter the deeper inner realms of joy, knowing, exhaling, connection and spiritual renewal. Some common synonyms for RETREAT are calm, placid, serene, sanctuary, refuge, haven, hideaway, sanctum, hideout, peaceful, and tranquil. While all these words mean "quiet and free from disturbance," peaceful implies a state of repose in contrast with or experiencing drama, stress, and grief.

One of my love languages is creating safe spaces for women to take off their armors and masks to exhale, laugh, heal, dream, fellowship, travel, study, network, and grow!!!
To learn about the two (2) reTREATs I am planning for YOU (July and September)... click this link

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