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WINsday Inspiration 10/18/2023

YOU are invited...upcoming speaking engagements:

Saturday, October 28 Azusa Pacific University - Women's Tea - It's My Time

Saturday, November 4 Christian Women Connection, Garden Grove Church of God, 9:00 AM, Continental Breakfast

"The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater. At dawn, it rises and opens again...untouched by the impurity. The lotus is known as the lovely survivor. The lotus makes its way through the muck and rises to the light of the sun. The first petal unfolds as the lotus bud pressing through the dark muddy water to bask in the sunlight.

God's creation is a beautiful mystery and a life lesson because only the mud will support its growth. The challenges of life and its inevitable suffering e.g. heartache, loss, disease, loss, disappointments, financial hardship, criticism, illness, family disharmony, poverty, lack of humanity, countries at war, brutality, injustices, and so many more are the muck and mud we are challenged to grow in and rise above.

My friend... don't drown in the dirt, mud, and darkness of depression, doubt, war, violence, evildoers, civil unrest, greed, corruption, and toxic social programming. The muddy swamps will always exist. Be a survivor, be a lotus, and rise up to show us your inherent beauty, strength, love, purpose, vision, gifts, and divine qualities you possess within.

Just because you have suffered in the past or suffering now with anxiety, grief, depression, and feeling unworthy or not enough... this does not mean you have a "mental health" issue or need medication. You just may not have the support and emotional/spiritual tools you need to cope in a healthy way with setbacks, critical life situations, or difficult people that cause you to feel down and overwhelmed." - Jewel Diamond Taylor

Thank you Women on the Grow monthly donors aka Sister $owers for putting your $eeds in the soil of my Women on the Grow 501c3 non-profit outreach benefiting women living with adversity all across the nation (e.g. cancer, unemployment, loss/grief, depression, caregiving exhaustion, illness, domestic abuse, trauma, single parenting, displaced from their home or job). Your contributions enable us to send emergency funds, offer counseling with me at no cost, books, and admission to our personal development programs and events.

We invite and welcome new donors of any amount monthly or one-time donation on our web site

Be sure to include your mailing address to receive our October thank you gift.

I love seeking ways for myself and others to build community and enrich our faith, connection, hope, truth, meaning, resiliency, creativity, humanity, growth, well-being, healing, wisdom, peace, and purpose.

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call 323.964.1736

Cashapp donations - $gratefulJDT

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