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WINSday Inspiration

  Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, crime, or natural disaster. Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience over time or a one-time experience. Trauma can be felt in varying degrees. A single incident is considered an acute trauma. Chronic trauma is repeated and prolonged such as domestic violence or abuse. Complex trauma is exposure to varied and multiple traumatic events, often of an invasive, interpersonal nature.

. car accident, natural disaster

. racism

. betrayal and rejection

. rape/incest

. prolonged illness

. loss of a loved one

. stressful job (secondary trauma/compassion fatigue helping others police, fire, doctor,

nurse, social services, hospice, in-home caregiver)

. witnessing someone experiencing trauma (abuse, violence, death, etc)

. violence (robbery, bully, gun shot, war, PTSD)

. abuse in the home (a battle zone)

. struggling financially day-to-day

. toxic and combative family members

. emotionally broken from divorce, death, or lack of connection and nurturing as a child

. being a parent, spouse, or child of a loved one with physical or mental disability

. loss of home, car, employment

Repeat to yourself a few times a day...

I am enough

I trust myself

I deserve happiness

I forgive myself.

I will not let the hard days win.

I am a work in progress.

I deserve time to heal.

God is my ever-present help.

I am guided and provided for each day.

My past hurts, mistakes, and choices no longer define me.

I’m learning every day to recognize and manage my triggers and honor my feelings.

I am proud of the progress I am making.

It's OK to seek and ask for support and opportunities.

I take action on my priorities.

I am stepping up each day taking my power back and taking full responsibility for the quality of my life.

Worry, blame, anger, depression, shame, and guilt are too heavy to carry each day.

I'm learning how to release them to experience freedom, peace, joy, and progress.

I am learning to let go of people, projects, and plans that do not align with my well-being, purpose, values, and needs.

I am blessed and present in this moment. All is well. I speak it. I believe it. I walk in it.

My words, thoughts, and steps of action are powerful. I expect miracles. I am a winner.

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