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Updated: Oct 11, 2023

These are just a sampling of the 100's of photos from my recent Women on the Grow Annual Malibu reTREAT. 45 Women came from Washington, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Texas, Mississippi, Maryland, Tennessee, and many areas in California.

My Women on the Grow Malibu guests got reJEWELvenated! We laughed, sang, walked, dined together, prayed, rested, learned from each other's stories, cried, encouraged one another, played at the ocean, marveled at the mountains and flowers, met new friends, took lots of notes, opened up our hearts and minds, and we danced!!!! Thank you tribe sister Yetta Young for capturing this fun time. Go Dr. Rosie dancing to afrobeats!

“Many are experiencing exhaustion, depression, stress, and health issues because of: cognitive labor, unequal share of household/parenting duties, overthinking, planning, worry, caregiving, and silently suffering.

Before you crash and burn … make time to reflect and see where you can make some adjustments from all of your responsibilities, rules, rushing, roles, and routine.

Sometimes you make everything you do look easy. And when you stop and take a break from family, work, busyness, meetings, commuting, phone calls, demands, dishes, diapers, cooking, cleaning, caregiving, babysitting, washing clothes, etc., and finally breathe and taste your tears and remember to reflect and spend time with God and nature… people who expect you always to be available will be upset, angry, or misunderstand you.

Don’t cheat yourself…treat yourself to some serenity and peace before returning to your pace and routine.


Save the date to attend Jewel Diamond Taylor's upcoming speaking engagements:

Every Sunday - DiaMIND INNERversity - Jewel's weekly signature zoom room of encouragement and empowerment, 3 pm (Pacific), 6 pm (Eastern) - no fee

donations optional and appreciated.

To receive the link and password, email -

Saturday, October 28, 2023 - Azusa Pacific University - Women's Tea - It's My Time

Sunday, October 22, 2023 - Vallejo Project Networking Dinner - for tickets call 559-308-5370 or 510-978-1672

November 4 - “Christian Women Connection (SoCA)”. This is the name of the group of women from various churches within the Church of God. We invite ALL women to participate. Women's Conference - Garden Grove Church of God, 8362 Trask Avenue 92844 - no fee to attend



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