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Updated: Mar 11

One sure way to have peace in your life is learning to love some people from a distance. That is an act of self-care and well-being. When you have boundaries for your peace... even though you have past history and attachments, you will be challenged to accept the reality,

that a relationship, organization, or project is out of alignment with your values, time, personality, gifts, or priorities.

Maybe you are in a season in your life when you need to separate yourself from any drama and confusion. Give yourself grace and space to be around more people and activities that can inspire, uplift, and support you in having more happiness. I have learned not to always react but respond to disrespect, incompatibility, and confusion with some distance. Why argue, explain, beg, or defend my life choices? When I take my power back, I am actually redirecting my time and energy to protect my peace.

You are not supposed to be like everyone else. When you start thinking, believing, living, and building your life differently... and your pace and priorities outgrow your familiar connections...don't be surprised when people tell you to be realistic or try to slow you down to their reality.

Squeeze all the juice out of life. Adjust, pivot, shift, grow, plan, pray, relax, protect your health, say "yes" to new experiences, laugh and smile as much as possible, and count each day as a gift and blessing. Keep going. Keep growing. Don't let the hard days win. One day you will thank yourself for not giving up. Stay in the light.

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Such an uplifting pearls of wisdom. I so appreciate you and your Wednesday Pearls of Wisdom.

Staying In The Light,



Jewel as always your messages are right on time. I needed to be reminded today to not let the hard days win. It’s amazing how easily we can be listening to the inner voice of doubt and fear and not even be aware that that’s what you’re doing. Thank you for being a spiritual guide to me and so many others and “seeing me.” Love you so much 🙏❤️💗❤️💗😘

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