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WINsday Message from Jewel 7/26/2023

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

When you are NOT used to getting your needs met...prioritizing yourself can feel like you're being selfish...make your needs and self-care a priority anyway. Self-betrayal is very unhealthy.

If you are not used to feeling confident... acting confident can seem like arrogance and cause you to feel like an imposter. Grow confident step by step.

When you feel unworthy and get used to being ignored, invisible, abused, rejected, disrespected, exhausted, hurt, and living in chaos, drama, isolation, loneliness, and may think it's normal for you to feel like a loser, full of anxiety, in a survival mode constantly, and not expect anything different. You can learn to have love, peace, joy, and respect. You can learn to realize your worth and detach from toxic people and environments. Breakthroughs, solutions, resources, blessings, miracles, grace, new connections, opportunities, and possibilities can happen for you.

When you are used to being a people pleaser and passive...asking for what you want may feel like aggression...ask it anyway.

Sometimes, feeling stuck can be a result of falling into monotonous routines and not acknowledging your needs and dreams. Shake things up by trying new activities or hobbies that challenge you. When you make clear decisions, set boundaries, speak up, make progress with your tasks ad goals, and achieve milestones, it boosts your confidence and provides a sense of accomplishment. Celebrating these successes reinforces positive behavior and encourages you to keep going.

Remember that progress is a journey and taking that first step is often the hardest part. Fear of failure or imperfection holds you back. Deepen your foundation in your faith life. Guard your health. Trust in your abilities, and remember that each step, no matter how small, brings you closer to your goals and aspirations. Winners know that personal development is an ongoing pursuit. Stop waiting for all the green lights, and just get started on your path to success and peace! Embrace the reality that life brings joy and pain, lessons and blessings, red, yellow, and green lights. I'm listing below 8 important things to remember.

  1. Progress over Perfection: Striving for perfection can be paralyzing.

  2. Momentum: Taking action creates momentum. Once you get started, it becomes easier to keep moving forward and build on your initial efforts.

  3. Learn from Experience: Taking action allows you to gain valuable experience and learn from both successes and setbacks. I share in my Sunday INNERversity classes how to refine the language of faith, the language of success, and how to speak life over yourself.

  4. Overcoming Fear: Taking that initial step can be intimidating, but facing your fears and taking action can be liberating and empowering.

  5. Time Waits for No One: Time is a finite resource, and waiting for the "perfect moment" may lead to missed opportunities. Today is the first day of the rest of your life...make good choices!!!!

  6. Adaptability: Often, plans need to be adjusted as you go along. By getting started, you can identify what works and what doesn't, and adapt accordingly. Decide which tree you want to be when faced with life's storms: the strong oak or the flexible willow.

  7. Building Confidence: Accomplishing even the smallest tasks can boost your confidence and belief in your ability to achieve your goals. Upgrade your circle of contacts and influence. Witnessing courage, confidence, self-worth, progress, self-care, personal, spiritual, and professional growth from your circle can be positively contagious.

  8. Avoiding Regrets: Regret often stems from missed opportunities. Getting started reduces the chances of looking back and wishing you had acted sooner.

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