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WINsday Inspiration 10/25/2023

"After trauma, loss, divorce, illness, car accident, loss of a loved one some form of rejection or betrayal, you may hear yourself say, “What’s next?”

There will be days when you can’t find any answers and you don't feel like a winner. Your current strategies don’t seem to work anymore. You realize you must let go, forgive, and stop keeping score.

You may find yourself in a situation beyond your understanding. You wonder when will your territory of blessings start expanding. You may wonder if love, happiness, and success will ever show up. You may ask, “When will I drink from the blessing cup? At times your faith may be hanging by a thread. You don’t like what someone did or said. Family, friends, boss, or your mate seem ungrateful.

You want to feel more joy, peace, and thankful, but it seems like you’re on a treadmill — getting nowhere. You wonder, “Where are the people who genuinely care?” There may be days you don’t shine like a diamond because you’re thinking you have accomplished nothing. You feel like singing “Take me to the King, I don’t have much to bring.” It’s time to change your perception to see how blessed you are. It’s time to see, it’s by grace, that you have come this far. Ask God to fill your cup with peace, faith, love, courage, and power.

Take it one day at a time trusting the process every minute and hour. Throw up your flare and say, “God I’m over here standing by faith. I’m no longer hiding, complaining, or in despair. I realize life isn’t always fair.”

Whatever cards you were dealt in life, it’s a choice to play the victim role or to stay in the game as a winner striving for your goal, wisdom, and courage. Don’t give up. Be resilient, renewed, and restored. Be not weary. Renew your strength so you can fly and soar.

Sometimes I FAITH make get up and trust the process and divine order to unfold in my life.

I have learned that I can't afford to lean on my own understanding, expectations, and disappointments. I am a woman on the grow living by grace with grit and gratitude.

by Jewel Diamond Taylor

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Patricia Goings
Patricia Goings

Hello Jewel , thank you for sharing your wisdom so generously with us. God bless you. Blessings and hugs Trish Goings.

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