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WINsday Inspiration (Anger, boundaries, depression)

Updated: Apr 28

Sometimes you have to take off your superwoman/man cape. So often people don't fake depression...they fake being OK...they fake being strong...they fake their self-esteem...they feel shame and don't seek the resources or safe havens to process their emotional/mental pain.

Many are fighting; generational patterns, a mentality of lack, abuse, childhood trauma, systematic racism, secrets, grief, faith fatigue, financial burnout, single parenting, social media comparisons, caregiving exhaustion, addictions, anxieties, and dysfunctional messages by wearing masks to fit in, survive, or to be loved.

Creating boundaries in family relationships is an ongoing process that requires patience, empathy, and open communication. It will take time for everyone to adjust, but prioritizing your well-being, peace, and space helps to reduce your anxiety.

Use "I" statements to express your feelings and needs without blaming or accusing others. For example, instead of saying, "You always invade my privacy," you could say, "I feel uncomfortable when my privacy is invaded, and I need some space." Be prepared to listen to their perspective as well, but stand firm in upholding your boundaries.

Not every situation requires a response. You may get easily triggered by someone you don't realize is dealing with some heavy issues, not well, angry with themselves, or lacks your level of energy, awareness, and communication skills. Learn to pick your battles wisely and let go of minor annoyances or conflicts that are not worth your energy. Do you ever find yourself easily upset, sad, or angry when people in your life disappoint you or don't behave the way you expect or desire? This 4 min. video below can be very helpful.

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