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WINSday inspiration (stay or go?)

Deciding whether to leave or stay in a relationship (or at least have some distance) can be difficult for several reasons:

  1. Emotional investment: If you've invested a significant amount of time, energy, and emotions into a relationship, it can be challenging to contemplate leaving, as it may feel like letting go of a part of yourself.

  2. Fear of the unknown: Leaving a relationship often means stepping into the unknown. You might fear being alone, starting over, or not finding someone else who understands you in the same way.

  3. Guilt and obligation: There may be shared responsibilities, co-dependency or you may worry about hurting them so you avoid taking action

  4. Hope for change: Even in difficult relationships, there can be hope that things will improve. Believing your partner, spouse, child, sibling, parent, friend, business partner, or lover will change or that the problems will eventually resolve themselves causes procrastination and prolonged pain and stress.

  5. External pressures: Family viewpoints, cultural expectations, and financial obligations might make it difficult to prioritize your well-being and pleasure.

  6. Self-doubt: Self-doubt can create hesitation, indecision, and unsure about your judgment, worth, or future can keep you stuck.

  7. Love and attachment: Despite the challenges, attachment to a partner can make it hard to imagine life without them, even if the relationship is unhealthy.

12 questions to ask yourself before deciding...

  1. How would I feel about myself if I stay?

  2. How would I feel about myself if I go?

  3. Am I facing my reality or am I hoping things will go away and avoiding conflict?

  4. Am I walking on eggshells full of anxiety and fear or worried about what others will think?

  5. Do I feel at peace in my soul when I am around this person?

  6. How do I benefit if I stay?

  7. How do I benefit if I go or at least create distance myself?

  8. What will be some challenges or consequences to deal with if I stay?

  9. What will be some challenges or consequences to deal with if I go?

  10. What will be an indicator or sign that staying is the best decision?

  11. What will be an indicator or sign that leaving is the best decision?

  12. Am I making a difficult decision on my own, or have I sought advice?

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April 27 - Life Church Women's Tea - Riverside, CA

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Hello Jewel, all good questions to ponder🙂 and something to work on too. Thank you so much for always giving us good material and a direction to ponder. Have a wonderful day.


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