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When you are feeling agitated, tired, sad, mad, or hurting all over your body…ask yourself... “What is REALLY going on?” The real answer may surprise you. You may just be tired, lonely, sick, feeling ashamed, or stretched to your limit. How often do you take out your frustrations on the wrong person, your closest target? How often do you make permanent decisions about a temporary situation? How many times have you quit a relationship, marriage, project, or job because your nerves and emotions were on edge? How many times have you said, “I’m done!” but you were really feeling anxiety, used, abused, invisible, physically exhausted, not heard, not appreciated, insecure, overwhelmed, scared, tired of trying, and simply needing a break?

Is the clock ticking and you feel like you are running out of time? Sometimes the question is…”Who’s the matter with you” not “WHAT is the matter with you?” Lingering, futile, toxic, unhappy, or manipulative relationships can tire you out. Are you an overhelper, co-dependent, fixer, or is your loyalty displaced?

People and circumstances may trigger your emotions which live right underneath your skin that you have pushed down, ignored, forgotten, or covered up with a mask and a smile or a drink or a new pair of shoes or a bag of chips. What is really going on with you?

If you cut your finger or broke your leg, you would seek immediate medical care. What do you do when you are emotionally bleeding, have a broken heart, become blind and lose sight of your purpose, your joy and optimism are on life support, or you fell down and fractured your faith, peace, and hope?

Unaddressed emotions can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. The increase in cortisol that comes with stress can lead to changes in heart rate, motivation, and sleep.

Through my counseling/coaching style and weekly INNERversity virtual group sessions, I am able to support others to: . discover emotional sobriety and emotional freedom . improve their relationships . revive their self-worth and self-esteem

. learn how to identify, understand, sit, and modify the intensity of one’s emotions . reduce their vulnerability to toxic people or past shame

. soothe their body and regulate their emotions . learn how to navigate a crisis without numbing themselves

. activate one's faith and sense of purpose . cope with a crisis with acceptance, action, right thinking, faith, endurance, hope, and productive

coping skills. . move forward past their shame, procrastination, grief, abuse, setbacks, burnout, or ffaith fatigue.

. experience progress with their personal, spiritual, emotional, mental, and professional growth.

Cashapp $20 $gratefulJDT or zelle to attend Sunday, Dec 18 DiaMIND INNERversity zoom session, having your camera on is optional. The time is 3:00 PM (Pacific) 6:00 PM (Easern). If your money is circulating this week and you wish to have a scholarship to participate in the INNERversity, send your email request to to receive the link and password.

If you feel blessed and inspired from these EmpowHER/InspiHER on-line messages from Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor, you can Cashapp $gratefulJDT

If you wish to make a donation for Women on the Grow, Inc. 501c3 which offers funds, books, free counseling, and discounts to our events for women experiencing hardships, etc. (illness, breast cancer, trauma, depression, grief, unemployment, domestic abuse, housing insecurity, divorce, exhaustion from caregiving, etc.) go to

We are so grateful to receive a new monthly Women on the Grow partner (aka Sister $ower) Ollie Scott. Ollie is an amazing woman of God and difference-maker!

by The Self-esteem Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor, speaker, author, life coach, women’s retreat facilitator, Founder of Women on the Grow, Inc., Founder and Teacher for the DiaMIND INNERversity To reserve your one-on-one time for your HEART check... by phone, zoom, or in person, call 323.964.1736 or email –

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