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What messes with our head and peace is the picture in our head of how we think it is supposed to be.

The experiences I offer of personal/emotional/mental and spiritual development coping skills, messages, and materials can encourage and empower you to accept, adapt, pivot, pray, create, and live with positive and productive mindsets and actions when the "picture of expectation" in your head does not line up with your present circumstances and seasons of your life.

Hurt people ... hurt people. You have survived some tough times and created a story in your mind. Your ego is in charge of your mental life and is quick to defend your story of emotional pain. It doesn't want you to grow or heal. It is stuck and loyal to your past hurts, expectations, and habits. It loves saying, "That's just the way I am!" You feel comforted and justified in your anger, sadness, isolation, or shame.

You start to grow when you stop building walls shutting people out, shutting down, emotionally distancing from loved ones, and develop the courage to open up your broken heart to let go of your story of being a victim so you can experience a fresh wind of grace, peace, love, forgiveness, breathing, wellness, joy, and aliveness.

Save the date Sept 3-6, 2024 to enjoy my annual Women on the Grow Malibu reTREAT!!!

Remember to save the day Saturday, May 25 to enjoy a unique, heart-healing, faith-growing, and safe space of sisterhood "EmpowHER"

Jewel Diamond Taylor hosts this gatHERing once a month 12 noon

256 S. Locust, Inglewood, CA - refreshments served, dynamic message, and fellowship

Suggested minimum donation $15

For details email -

To make your deposit to reserve your bed and learn more

Thank you to Pastor Kerwin Manning and First Lady Madelyn of Pasadena Church for inviting me to be the guest minister on Mother's Day. My assignment was to teach "Be Intentional"

If you enjoy reading Jewel's weekly WINsday newsletter and would like to make a donation CashApp $gratefulJDT  or click  or is linked to Jewel Diamond Taylor's Zelle account

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