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Mother's Day healing and celebration

Updated: May 10

Because of my ministry of presence, prayer, personal growth/spiritual, and compassion, I have heard painful stories about "mother wounds" (attachment trauma, neglect, abuse, absenteeism, and criticism in which the child develops deeply ingrained ideas that cause them to feel unloved, abandoned, unworthy of care, and emotionally numb.) Many of us have a mother wound, which can cut deep because our mother is our first home.

My shoulders have been wet with tears over the years hearing stories of mothers who passed with no memorial service during the pandemic, mothers who were absent emotionally, mothers mentally ill, mothers not speaking, long-time grudges, mothers who were physically and emotionally abusive, women born and kept a secret as a result of affairs, in prison, or drug/alcohol addicted which produced shame and feeling unwanted, women felt invisible, disconnected from family, women who felt overlooked, women felt unwanted and told they were ugly, too dark, stupid, or weak, women raised by other family members and never given full disclosure about their father or siblings, women who never received comfort or protection when they disclosed their experience with rape/incest, women whose mothers made their take on the responsibility for the care of the house and their siblings, narcissistic and controlling mothers, mothers who made the company of a man a priority over her children, mothers financially stressed, mothers who are very needy, mothers suffering from dementia/Alzheimers, cancer. Because I know the pain and grief of mourning the loss of my mother and son...I am very sensitive to the pain others feel during Mother's Day.

Mother's Day can be emotionally distressing for individuals in difficult relationships, those who have lost a child or a parent, and those caregiving for an ailing parent, and those Grandmothers fully responsible for the care of their Grandchildren.

There are toxic mothers who try to micromanage every area of their children's lives. Children may become emotionally immature or dependent on their toxic mothers, leading to feelings of insecurity when they grow older and have their own children.

Whether it's a drama call from your mother, queries from family members, or watching others rejoice with their families on social media, you may feel some kinda way on or around Mother's Day. The pain and hurt will elicit a response, and you must choose where to channel those emotions.

Many of you have been... or blessed now with loving and healthy mother relationships. Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mother, as well as the influence

of nurturing aunties, grandmothers, bonus mothers, Godmothers, foster mothers, church mothers, etc.

Join me in honoring and thanking the mothers who wear that superMoM cape with their loving hearts, helping hands, hugs, sacrifice, and Godly example. I trust you will join me in praying for:

People who have lost mothers.

People who have lost child(ren).

People with strained mother relationships.

People who can’t have children.

People who have chosen not to be mothers.

People who are shamed for being mothers.

This video captures our wonderful recent pre-Mother's Day SereniTEA GatHERing

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