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Stop stopping yourself

Are you sabotaging and stopping yourself from experiencing new opportunities, new love, new peace, new money, new beginnings, new hope, new courage, new health, new relationships, and new blessings?

Preparation, action, AND feeling worthy matters.

In the Bible, Paul warned Timothy not to allow himself to become careless and neglect the calling, the wonderful opportunity, that had been given to him. He instructs him to meditate on what a great thing had been given to him and remain faithful and mission-minded. He tells him to fasten it deeply in his heart.

When you receive good counsel and stop resisting your calling, your mission, and opportunities...God's favor and grace begins to flow and doors begin to open. You cannot choose or change what happened in the past. You can choose to create today what you want to experience in your future. Choose to be present. Choose to be grateful. Choose to be proactive. Choose to be brave. Choose to stay in the light. Choose to persevere. Choose to grow!

Flawed perception, doubt, low self-worth, paralyzed by your past, the fear of failing, the fear of success, the fear of being alone, or concerned about other people's feelings and opinions has stopped too many people from walking into new doors of; success, peace, happiness, healing, prosperity, love, and well-being

One of the books in my personal library by author Van Hecke discusses the danger of BLIND SPOTS.

Our brain tries to maximize its efficiency by taking shortcuts in processing information. That's why, the more we repeat certain tasks, the easier it becomes. We get comfortable and complacent in our own surroundings (or work) and loose the ability to think beyond it. Every Sunday in my zoom room INNERversity study group I challenge everyone to do something different. We need to keep exposing our brains with new situations, scenarios, and information to enhance the activity of our brain and force it to think creatively.

10 Blind Spots discussed in Van Hecke's book:

1. Not Stopping to Think

2. What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

3. Not Noticing

4. Not Seeing Yourself

5. My-side Bias

6. Trapped by Categories

7. Jumping to Conclusions

8. Fuzzy Evidence

9. Missing Hidden Causes

10. Missing the Big Picture

My topic Sunday, April 3 will be "How to Cultivate HOPE in Challenging Times."

Thank you for your giving of any amount one time or monthly to be a blessing to women experiencing hardships (i.e. divorce, cancer, displaced, depression, caregiving exhaustion, grief, trauma, single parenting, unemployment). This is our mission to provide funds, seminars, retreats, training, spiritual support, counseling, and resources because of the compassion and support from our sister $owers. Click here

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