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Today's encouragement

Don't believe everything you think.

Your fears, heartache, anxiety, impatience, unhappy relationships, or sense of unworthiness can make your imagination run wild creating all types of stories in your head (It's too late. I'm too old. It will always be this way. No one loves me. I can't do anything new. It's too hard to start over again. I can't trust people. I am too __________________).

Saturday, May 20 - Sacramento, CA Sister Soul Saturday

Click video link to learn about my guests speaking at my upcoming WINergy Forum Saturday, April 29, 1:00 pm at the Michelle Obama Public Library, 5870 Atlantic Ave. in Long Beach, CA

All those who send an RSVP by email will be on the guest list to attend at NO cost.

Men and women are encouraged to attend.

Jewel Diamond Taylor and her guest panel will discuss: . mental/emotional/physical health for men and women . emotional support for mothers with sons . family healing and communication styles . things you can do to overcome diabesity, high blood pressure, depression, poor

elimination . the aging process - how to gain more energy . inspiration to take your mindset to a new level of results, satisfaction, and progress


Lynnis Woods-Mullins guest Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor shares a message about empowerment, letting go, self-care, wellness, her return to Sacramento, and the power of women connecting to overcome isolation to experience more happiness, success, and peace.

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