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WINsday Inspiration 11/15/2023

Sharing great self-care story - unknown author

"I saw a homeless guy at Popeyes and I gave him some loose ones in my pocket.. he said "Thank you" I asked him.."how did you get to this point?"..he looked up, smiled, and said "SHOWING LOVE"...I asked... "what do you mean?"...he said I went through my whole life making sure everyone else was ok no matter what was going right or wrong in my life I did for others...I never wanted to see others go without...I asked, "Do you regret it?"...he said no it just hurt me to my soul that the very people I gave the shirt off my back to... wouldn't give me a sleeve off that same shirt when I was in need...he said... it's better to build your own house and invite someone in for shelter...then to hand them your bricks while you building yours..cause if you keep handing them bricks from your house that you are supposed to be building for will turn around one day and that spot where you have planned to build your house will be an empty lot..then you are the one that is looking for bricks."

After my "talk therapy sessions" I ask my clients to share with me their takeaways. The following feedback was recently to me. I'm so proud of her because she is transparent, honest with herself, and taking accountability to see her role, her backstory, and her triggers that keep her going back and forth in a toxic relationship. I am honored she chose me to support her in her personal/emotional/mental and spiritual development...

· I see constant conflict as another form of love.

· Sex is our love language. High conflict is our love language.

· I use it as a major distraction from reality.

· I wanted my father’s love.

· I normalized the abuse for so long even though I did not like it.

· His mother gaslighted me when she told me I was her favorite of his baby mamas.

· I keep putting a lot of weight (blame) on him.

· I have difficulty because so much of my life surrounds him.

· This void from my father created a need for connection.

· My ex filled the void to be needed.

· Being honest about everything is going to be my ticket.

· I deserve better. I am evolving.

· I have to sit down and acknowledge this push and pull that I have.

· It all goes back to my "father wound".

· I am swimming in a very toxic pool. I keep jumping back into the pool.

· I need to give myself some credit. I am finally being sane and finding a way out.

· I have been surrounded by secrets and I have normalized it.

· I am soothed by the very person who hurt me because it was normal in my family of origin.

· I want to believe what he says because it justifies my ping pong role and craziness.

Save the date Saturday, December 9, and register to attend my Women on the Grow Holiday GatHERing. $25 per person for early bird registration. Tickets can be purchased at this link

We will be wearing holiday colors (red, green, gold, white, silver) AND having a RED SHOE contest.

We are excited to enjoy LIVE entertainment provided by the amazing saxophonist Mark Allen Felton aka "Panther." Seating is limited, so please RSVP as soon as possible.

We will be collecting socks and blankets for a women's shelter downtown Los Angeles.

If you have any questions, please reply to


Location: Azusa Pacific University 901 E Alosta Ave, Azusa, CA 91702 (take the 210 freeway, exit on Citrus, turn right north toward the mountains, turn right on University Drive) Parking is FREE.

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1 Comment

Lynn Mangum
Lynn Mangum
Nov 29, 2023

This 11/15/23 message really resonates with me. Been there done that! Now I’m finally living for me and putting me first.

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