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WINsday Inspiration 8/16/2023

The following are quotes from the booklet "Note to Self" by Jewel Diamond Taylor

I will trust my instincts. I know that I may be too much for some people. My dreams, talent, purpose, heart, blessings, creativity, vision, honesty, gifts, and favor may disturb some people. Those are not my people! It's OK. I will shake it off. I will walk in my unique boldness and destiny and find my people… my tribe… my circle of empowerment.

When I am strong, focused, unstoppable, happy, and successful, not everyone will appreciate, associate, congratulate, or celebrate with me. I will not let them discourage or stop me.

Learn to never waste my time trying to explain myself, my beliefs, or my choices to people who are committed to misunderstanding me.

Take back my power from relationships that are messy, manipulative, joyless, secretive, controlling, and disrespectful. When I find myself walking on eggshells to keep the peace in my family, marriage, job, ministry, or friendship…it's time to take my power back.

Do not believe the things I tell myself when I am sad or alone. If I am always tired, hungry, lonely, mad, sad, stuck, scattered, rushed, depressed, or stressed, I will increase the likelihood of giving in to temptation. Be careful of the "what-the-hell attitude." It's a slippery slope that leads to disaster. I am growing in wisdom, discernment, and self-control.

I got this!

These outstanding ladies are Women on the Grow awardees for their long-standing support in so MANY ways. Their service, sisterhood, and sowing into Women on the Grow, Inc. 501c3 is greatly appreciated and exemplary. I have been blessed tremendously for many years with their love, support, leadership, prayers, donations, and wonderful memories.

Thank you to:

(left to right) Dr. Alice Campbell, Marlene Dyce, Melannie Denise Cunningham, Alicia Barmore, Jewel, Diane Hale, Patsy Cobb, Toi Arnold, Joy Lewis, and Cris Meadows (unable to attend but also awardees not in photo are Cassandra Scott and Angie Westfield).

I wish I could post all of the wonderful photos is a sampling of the beautiful 100+ guests who attended Sister Soul Saturday and celebrated 37 years of my speaking career in Long Beach, CA

Above group photo...These are some of our Women on the Grow, Inc. 501c3 MONTHLY donors (Sister $owers). Because of these ladies giving and compassion, we are able to be a blessing to so many women experiencing distress (unemployment, cancer, exhausted caregiving, trauma, depression, loss/grief, single parenting, etc.). We are able to send emergency funds, and offer free counseling, books, and attendance at no cost to our programs to build up their coping skills, faith, mental health, and sisterhood.

In this above photo...

Bonnie Hall, Debra Mack, Dr. Alice Campbell, Diane Hale, Sheryl Leverette, Marlene Dyce, Darlean McClure, Ginger Logan, Patricia Jacobs, Evelyn Barey, Joy Lewis, Kesha Fulton, Stacey Bulluck, Dwan Smith, Patsy Cobb, Toi Arnold, Markeysha Lawrence, Linda Wiggins, Diana Layne-White, Gwen Goodman, Tracy Edmonson, Mary Roberson, Yetta Young had stepped outside of the room

This is just half of our sister $owers. Many live out of state.

Thank you. Jewel Diamond Taylor, Founder/President Joy Lewis, Vice-President

To read the program from Sister Soul Saturday click here

We have a few remaining rooms for the Annual Women on the Grow Malibu reTREAT Getaway click here for details

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1 Comment

Juliet Gipson
Juliet Gipson
Aug 17, 2023

Congratulations to all of your amazing stewardship Globally, National and locally and to all the amazing ladies mentioned in your newsletter.

I salute you Jewel Diamond Taylor.

kind regards,

Juliet Gipson

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