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WINsday Word for You

Many of us learned that our achievements need to be BIG to make a difference. Because of this, we always talk ourselves into chasing a big habit. “If I want to lose at least 20 pounds, I need to start busting my butt and working out for 90 minutes a day!” or "I'm going to save $1,000 every month to buy a new car/home/vacation"

But think about this. Nearly every habit you have today, good or bad, results from many small choices you made over time. It is your repeated pattern of small behaviors that leads to significant results. Each day ... you choose to become one percent better or one percent worse, but so often the choices are so subtle, small, and routine that you miss them.

We think we are living in cycles of behaviors, but really we are creating circles of a chain, one by one that eventually creates a strong chain/ by link. Poor habits that go unchecked can bind you up and keep you from the freedom of joy, optimism, creativity, faith, good health, courage, love, abundance, efficacy, openness to new relationships, new experiences, finishing your projects, peace, progress, and success.

You can become so tied and bound that you don't even realize all of your routine and unconscious habits have caused you to gain weight, lose money, feel sad and stuck, become tired, procrastinate, sleep too much, spend time with the wrong people, to feel defeated and drained of our joy and faith. Living in lack, fear, and joyless living can become normalized.

If you’re serious about building a new habit, then start with something small. Set yourself up to win. How??? Start with something you can stick with for good. Then, once you’ve repeated it enough times, you can worry about increasing the intensity. Commit to reading this blog daily for 30 days to download a new mindset. You are not your mis-takes. You are your patterns. Unlearn and recognize your defeating habits so you can be open to receiving and establishing new behavior... new habits.

Build the behavior first. The results will follow. To listen to today's WINsday word click here

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