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5 Things I've Learned

5 Things I've Learned

"You don't have all the answers right now...but you do need to know WHAT will be your next step ....and just do it because anger, worry, and fear are paralyzing. Procrastination is a thief.

Life's journey brings mystery, miracles, pain, joy, beauty, suffering, blessings, lessons, new beginnings, endings, and opportunities. Having faith in the Lord requires trust because you will not have all the details for your journey. These are 5 things I discovered about being still and prayer... 1) Prayer is a posture of confidence for a spiritual solution to an earthly dilemma. 2) Prayer is the pathway to peace in the middle of a storm. When I pray I'm talking to God and talking to myself. 3) Prayer will change the situation or it will change me. 4) Prayer is inviting God's presence, partnership, and power, peace, favor, and grace into every crevice of my life. It takes radical faith and courage to pray for God's will to be done. Too often we fail to see or accept the answer to our prayers because it doesn’t look the way we expected. If I am too attached to what I want and desire, AND my prayer is not answered the way I desire...I'm setting myself up for depression. God's ways are not our ways. There are some mysteries and unresolved issues we may have to learn to live with. To prepare my mind to accept God's way I listen to Yolanda Adam's song "I'm Gonna Be Ready"

I say a prayer every night, whatever I do, I'll get it right

With no regret, no guilt or shame this time, no, not this time

Once I surrender, I won't dare look back, cause if I do, I'll get off track

Move ahead in faith, and patiently await your answer, what will it be

Sight beyond what I see

You know what's best for me

Prepare my mind, prepare my heart

For whatever comes, I'm gone' be ready

Strength to pass any test

I feel like I'm so blessed

With you in control, I can't go wrong

'Cause I always know, I'm gonna be ready

5) Gratitude and radical faith are good medicine for your soul. Gratitude kills the toxins of anger, bitterness, worry, doubt, unworthiness, and fear in your mind, body, and spirit."

click this link to listen on YouTube

I love the vibe of my Women on the Grow Tribe. Thank you "monthly sister $owers". You are making a difference in so many lives. Your giving has recently blessed a woman who is mourning the loss of her son and now she and her husband are raising their son's seven (7) small children. Also, five (5) women experiencing hardship, illness, and exhaustion from caregiving received counseling at no charge so far this month.

Also, we SO appreciate our Sunshine Greeting Card Ministry (1 Thess 5:11) for blessing so many women with your prayers and beautiful greeting cards of encouragement.

Our Women on the Grow, Inc. 501c3 partners enable us to have an effective outreach to bless women experiencing hardships (e.g. breast cancer, abuse, depression, trauma, grief, unemployment, caregiving, illness, single parenting, homeless, etc.) Because of these ladies, we are able to send funds, books, offer free counseling, and participate in our events.

If you are inspired to be a difference maker and sister $ower, feel free to begin. You choose the amount at this link and receive a beautiful thank you bracelet gift from Founder, Jewel Diamond Taylor and Joy Lewis, Vice-President.

We have 67 women registered to attend our San Diego Getaway and mini-conference September 18, 2021. Some ladies are driving and most are taking the Amtrak. If you wish to attend, remember to email or text 310.526-2552 for details.

Our annual Malibu reTREAT is sold out.

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