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7 Emotions to Avoid

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Mental and emotional illness has a spectrum and I'm sure you have experienced or know someone who has experienced emotional slumps and degrees of depression or self-harm.

I came across an article by clinical psychologist Dr. Edwin Shneidman. He stated, "There are seven (7) “-lesses” that collectively result in the pain that one can no longer endure.

When "LESS" is paired with; hope, help, power, use, worth, meaning, or point...this is a dangerous mindset."

I pray you never feel....

1. Hope-LESS— you have a future, be reminded Jeremiah 29:11

2. You may feel alone, incompetent, and help-LESS, read Psalm 139:14, Hebrews 11:1

3. Are your circumstances causing you to feel power-LESS? read Galatians 6:9

4. Do you feel there is no solution and you contribute nothing to anyone or your efforts make you feel use-LESS? Read Jeremiah 29:11, Philippians 4:13, Psalm 73:26, Proverbs 3:5-6

5. Children or adults who are abused, betrayed, poor, sick, alone, rejected, or frequently criticized by others often internalize feelings of insignificance and feel worth-LESS. People who live with secrets and shame from their past also internalize a low self-esteem and feel unworthy of God's best, love, respect, peace, health, abundance, and safety. Begin your inner healing and seek support to recognize your worth. No longer be vulnerable to experiencing toxic relationships, self-doubt, and self-defeating behaviors (i.e. negative self-talk, avoidance of intimacy, comparing yourself to others or sabotaging relationships because of feeling undeserving of them. )

6. Sometimes when your life feels meaning-LESS and without purpose, (especially if you are retired or experiencing an empty nest) focusing your attention on something other than yourself can help. When you’re living in service ... the stronghold of feeling restless and meaningless lightens it's grip. Your attention shifts from self to service. You don’t have time to complain and criticize. Prosocial activities like volunteering for your community or helping someone else in need can have a positive effect on your state of well-being, happiness, and sense of purpose.

7. Feeling pointLESS means nothing seems worth doing, no goal worth accomplishing. Do you analyze and dissect everything you do or what you're planning to do? Sometimes letting go of control is just what you need to live in the present and stay mindful to appreciate all that the day has in store for all of us.

Sometimes when life feels pointLESS, it’s because you feel stuck. You're not where you want to be in life. Life can feel pointless when you’re putting all of your time and energy into things that aren’t fulfilling you, so you feel empty. Try changing something – even if it’s something really small like what you have for breakfast or what you are wearing. Making little changes can shake things up and can help to re-ignite the ideas, creativity, and courage in your brain. Cut yourself some slack. Criticism, comparison, the need control, and complaining drains you of peace and poisons your mind, body, spirit, relationships, and well-being. We live in a very competitive culture and social media can make you feel like you're don't have enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough, and not happy enough with your lifestyle, body image, relationships, home, car, achievements, business, ministry, etc. Our unrealistic expectations of ourselves can leave us feeling useless, and pointless because we never feel as though we’re enough. Other people’s achievements don’t invalidate your own achievements. You are enough. Read Hebrews 10:35-36

It is important to find ways to manage any difficult feelings and seek help when needed. Depression can grow worse over time. Seek professional help with your prolonged feelings of worthlessness and get treatment before your symptoms get worse.

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