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A new day

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

"For some people, their life transformation is initiated through illness, car accident, a surgery, financial struggle, addiction, act of betrayal, the death of a close family member, love, or losing money or job. Life knocks on our doors in the most unexpected way adn changes our perspective, personality, faith, courage, habits, beliefs, and behavior forever.

One day it DAWNs on you that you have been sleeping your life away, giving your joy, time, and power away, or living in fear, worry, regrets, anger, sadness, people-pleasing, procrastination. The word "dawn" means the first light of the day.

So when it dawns on you that it is time to wake up, get up, and live in the are now beginning a new healing journey. It's only natural to try to go back....but you soon learn there is nothing there. You choose to move forward and stay in the light." Excerpt from my book "Pearls of Wisdom" which is my topic for my upcoming weekly Filling Station Master Class, Sunday, July 10, 2021, 3:00 pm (Pacific)

A song I often listen to on my playlist is by Patti LaBelle..."It's a New Day"

It's a New Day

Open my eyes and my path is clearer

New Day

Pushing ahead till my goal is nearer

New Day

Spread my wings

I'm doin things my way

It's a New Day

I dont know, where I should begin

Couldnt my tell my begining, from the end

For every door that closes, a window opens

And round the world and back again

It starts from within, yeah

I'm excited for the things ahead of me

I've decited I can make it my own

Embrace the good and bad

And let go of the past

I'm loving whats inside of me

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What People Are Saying

"I cannot say enough about one of Gods angels, Mrs. Jewel Diamond Taylor, Therapy Practitioner, Life Coach/Counselor, she has helped me put a " voice" to my pain, take off the mask and start the process of healing that little girl inside of me who felt so unworthy for so long.

No matter how many degrees or achievements I may have accomplished, I kept apologizing because I could not see my "value". Dr. Jewel has helped me get to the core of my pain, where I am no longer feeling the need to apologize for who I am and that I do not need to keep trying to make everyone else happy because " my" happiness is important too. Thank you Dr. Jewel. You were born to healed hearts. "T.S.

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The following YouTube link is the LIVE recording I did last week with Evangelist Georgia Horton. She had a traumatic childhood of sexual abuse,

prostitution, and served 25 years in prison. She is now a faith leader and instructor T. D. Jakes Woman2Woman Ministry. Next Tuesday, July 13, 12:30 pm (Pacific), 3:30 pm (Eastern) we will continue with more powerful faith building conversation, part 2 LIVE on my Facebook page again.

Thank you for sharing my blog, website, youtube, and podcasts. Stay in the light.

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I started my day at dawn and your pearls of wisdom gave my beginning a new direction. Can’t wait to explore further at Sunday‘s filling station!! Many thanks and much love !


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