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Are you having an "IKEA" experience having to put the pieces of your LiFE together?

you may think you are dead in the water

it's over, you're done giving up hope about your finances, health, marriage, children, dreams, having new life, love

you're not're asleep

you're exhausted, oppressed and depressed

you're're tired of dealing with you sleep

you're not dead...maybe you're focusing on your regrets, shame,

and guilt

you're you sleep

you're tired of people disappointing you

you're tired of losing stuff and losing people

you've been asleep

tired of all the uncertainty and disruption

from this pandemic

you've been asleep and the virus of

stress, frustration, fear, and doubt have

attacked your body

tired of being in the wilderness, valley, storm, consuming fire

you're not're asleep to God's supernatural

power in you

you're asleep and not able to see your strength

and opportunities

wake up you're not dead

wake up God is up to something

wake up get up

Just like the 12 year old girl in the book of Mark whose frantic Father thought she was

dead asked Jesus to come,

Jesus said, get up little girl and she got up...she wasn't dead

and just as Andra Day sings "rise up"

I say to you get up. God is up to something in your life

don't miss it. Don't miss your miracle by focusing on your pain

you may feel lonely, forgotten, misunderstood, perplexed, tired, defeated,

angry, confused, exhausted, just don't lose hope

you are human and we are living in interesting and challenging times

you've got more life to live

you've got more strength than you realize

you are resilient, you are more days of hope, love, and joy that

await you.. Make peace with your broken pieces.

God is up to something. don't miss your breakthrough

because you had breakdowns in the past.

you are worthy, you are still breathing

now take some deep breaths

inhale a new level of peace and strength

Let the enemy to soul and peace say, "Darn, she is up again."

I pray the Lord will settle, establish, and strengthen you.

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