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Be careful where you are stepping

Be careful when you are trying to go back and fix your broken childhood, broken relationships, and broken dreams.

Be careful where you step. Before your heart, life, spirit, bank account, and self-worth are shattered to pieces, I pray you are able to SEE the truth. You can get cut again trying to fix a person or situation that is finished,not ready, not willing, or toxic. After the dust settles from dreams dropped, job/business shattered, falling finances, or the banging sound of can grow through the process to regain your peace. Believe in God's restoration power within in you to rise again. New beginnings can happen. Healing happens. Renewal happens. You can start to rebuild your life and stop walking on broken pieces.

I don’t have all the answers. I just want to add to the collective voice of empowerment, compassion, and emotional wellness advocacy to provide tools and activities for women to thrive, feel safe, heal and make wiser choices. As a talk therapy practitioner, life coach, conference speaker and retreat facilitator, I have seen a pattern of common wounds because of distractions, dependencies, denial, deception, drama, family dysfunction, and a lack of emotional boundaries and distorted beliefs.

Don’t look for happiness in the same lost it.

No one enjoys being dumped, rejected, laid off, denied, delayed or put down. I believe sometimes... rejection is God's protection. I believe that people can be blinded by fantasy, abuse, guilt, procrastination, or neglect and not realize because they lacked the strength to move on...God has a way of closing doors to unfulfilling jobs, cutting us off from people who mean us no good and ending relationships where we lacked the integrity, self-esteem, faith, or courage to mend or end.

Your growth and perspective will tell you whether that the painful experience, disappointment, brokenness, or setback was a LOSS or a LESSON.

My strengths in offering life coaching are from my experience as a wife, mother, grandmother, author, entrepreneur, women's retreat leader, mental/emotional advocate, and therapist. Founder of Women on the Grow, and seasoned international conference speaker. I focus on self-esteem issues, relationships, pursuing your purpose, overcoming strongholds of procrastination, fear, shame, anger, and past trauma. I only coach/counsel women. The sessions are by video zoom or phone and usually last from 60-90 minutes. I offer you a fresh perspective, encouragement, clarity, wisdom, non-judgment, and a push of action towards your resiliency, inner peace, purpose, and goals. My purpose is to support you in building up your faith, confidence, focus, and take steps for what you want to achieve. I accomplish this by helping YOU discover what coping skills, limiting beliefs, past hurt/trauma/dysfunction, emotional masks, or sabotaging habits you have which are hindering your growth and happiness. Feel free to call me to ask specific questions, 323.964.1736. We can facilitate your session with me by phone or Zoom.

"Your inspirational words resonate positive action to grow into the best women we can become! Many thanks." - Cheryl Sellers

"Jewel you are filling all the empty, hurting, needing to growth places in women who attend the Sunday Filling Station sessions. It's a great place to start a new week from; Jewel sharing God's Word in Life Application. " - Gwendolyn Goodman


Consider this your invitation to join us at B WN Black Breakfast Forum as we bring you dynamic speakers discussing Self-Care providing helpful tips and tools to use during these tumultuous times. Honoring Judge Mablean Ephriam

WHEN: Saturday, October 23,2021 10 AM - 12:30 PM PST.

Details are shown on the flyer shown below.

Registration is a must as there is limited space.

Are you ready to form your 501c3 non-profit organization or polish up brand and outreach? To register go to

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