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Be kind to your mind - emotional wellness matters

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hello Jewel,

"Thank you so much for all your wisdom, knowledge & gifts of the spirit.

I came to you needing to get unstuck. My plan is to retire in a few years and you said to me narrow my vision, and get focused. In the back of my mind, there are all of these voices speaking to me. (e.g. What about this what about that and so on.) I needed to talk with someone who would not judge me & who could give a different respective on my concerns. Your energy & positive words have helped me to focus better on my goals & desires of my heart. I am better at focusing & trusting God and have you now as an accountability partner." - F.C.M.

"Hello Mrs Jewel;

I want the world to know what an amazing person you are. You are a mentor, life coach, public speaker, and woman of character. It's through your experiences and blessings that have allowed you to become a beacon of light for so many.

I would like to share how you saved my marriage. My husband and I are both type "A" personalities. He sometimes moves and speaks in a way that makes me question his love for me. Dr. Taylor, you showed me how to understand my husband and interpret his language of love. I almost gave up on my marriage. I mistook my husband's actions as controlling and overbearing when all along he was trying to protect me and keep me safe. If it were not for you Dr. Taylor I would have lost the love of my life. Marriage is work and it's not always easy but when you have tools as you gave us to navigate through your issues it's manageable.

Thank you Dr. Taylor for wisdom and understanding." - D. T. ( Los Angeles)

I would like to thank you for being a rainbow in my life. I thank God for your love, support and guidance. As I reflect over the years on how you have been here for me, I really appreciate you and I Thank you for creating Women On The Grow. You are an answered prayer. In 1993 I had an emotional breakdown, I was mad at God, I didn't understand why I had to have dysfunctional parents, both of them were on drugs, on top of that my mother was mentally ill. I was frustrated, I had just moved back to Los Angeles California from Chico California where I experienced racism first hand and I didn't know how to deal with it, there were so many things going wrong in my life and I needed guidance ASAP. I remember falling down on my knees, praying and crying to God, I need help! please send me some beautiful black women to help me navigate this thang called life. It was about a week later, my prayer was answered God sent me you and four other beautiful women. Thank you so much for creating a safe place where I could heal. Thank you for teaching me coping skills, thank you for your LeadHERship classes. your relationship workshops. I just wanted to say thank you for your love, wisdom, and support. You Rock Jewel Diamond Taylor. Because of you, I am a better mother, wife, sister, friend and I am able to help other women heal, because of you I am a better teacher. I love you Jewel." – JoAnn Mitchell

"To whom it may concern, this endorsement is my letter of reference about Jewel Diamond Taylor, but it's really about your life, it's about your relationship, your marriage, what you want, and how hard you're willing to work at it. When you make a decision that it matters and that your significant other matters, you matter, and your family matters... reach out to Jewel. She can help you. She helps me and my wife. But you got to want it. You got to be willing to try hard. Be benevolent, loving, and understanding. If any of those adjectives describe you ...give her a shot. She can help you. Imagine real peace in your life. It is obtainable. say this from the bottom of my heart." Yours truly K.L.

"I cannot say enough about one of Gods angels, Mrs. Jewel Diamond Taylor, Therapy Practitioner, Life Coach/Counselor, she has helped me put a " voice" to my pain, take off the mask and start the process of healing that little girl inside of me who felt so unworthy for so long.

No matter how many degrees or achievements I may have accomplished, I kept apologizing because I could not see my "value". Dr. Jewel has helped me get to the core of my pain, where I am no longer feeling the need to apologize for who I am and that I do not need to keep trying to make everyone else happy because " my" happiness is important too. Thank you Dr. Jewel. You were born to healed hearts. "T.S.

If you have a headache, stomachache, or's normal to seek relief to stop the pain.

Mental and emotional health doesn’t need to be discussed in whispers. It is ok to talk about it. It is ok to need help to stop the pain. We all need help sometimes.

You are not alone. Help is available. I invite you to ask yourself ... "How am I really doing?" "How can I get the support I need?" "Am I allowing shame and guilt to keep me silent, isolated, and hurting?" "Am I minimizing, hiding, and denying the changes in my personality during this pandemic or from a recent loss or trauma?"

Please talk with your support circle. Talk with your loved ones. You are not alone. Help is available.

Love, Jewel Diamond Taylor

"Women on the Grow events have and continue to inspire, encourage and empower me. I always take away a feeling of exponential growth! It's life changing and soul refreshing. Women so desperately need to be uplifted and rejuvenated on a regular basis. I see so many "battered" women just beat up by life! It's hard to express all that Jewel and Women on the Grow do to help ”fix" that!" - Trena Lawson

"I have been empowered by the love, support, and strength gained in the Women on the Grow Academy. Jewel models and teaches us to be powHERfull women capable of doing all we set our minds too. I am thankful for the tribe." - Tye Hilliard-Amy

"I have been attending Jewel's Women on the Grow events for over ten years. I find the events fresh and relevant. You create events that not only give an opportunity to fellowship with many dynamic women, but also to invest in self. You teach and coach in a safe place that fosters growth and healing. I have learned SO MUCH. from my Women on the Grow exposure, I am addicted to bettering myself. I know no one is going to do my life for me...just me. And I have to do it no matter what is true. I love Women on the Grow." ~ Patsy Cobb

Call 323.964.1736

Text 310-526-2552

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