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Do you desire something new in your life?

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

I finished three (3) life coaching sessions yesterday. All three of the ladies had experienced trauma, betrayal, and abuse in the past and do not trust their ability or possibilities to be a good "picker." They are frozen with fear and do not trust their capability of choosing again. They feel their discernment is off. They either repel new relationships, expect bad endings, or suffer in loneliness with the negative chatter in their heads.

Are your fears, habits, anger, regrets, grief, and shame keeping you from experiencing love, good health, success and peace? Some of you are used to being independent, hurt, closed, suffering in silence, and always being the “giver”, “the go-to-person” or the “fixer” in your family. Are you blocking blessings, new love, new experiences, and opportunities? Are you willing to create some productive results?

Do you want to experience new things in your life?

If you are trying to; date again, build your business or ministry, write a book, release some unwanted pounds, become debt free, finish college, find a job, upgrade your circle of friends or customers, improve or heal relationships, let go of the past or break an addiction...surrender to the PROCESS or you will continue to feel dePRESSED. Stay the course.

Your step by step actions, perseverance, faith, inner work, accountability, desire to grow, and discipline will make the difference.

You may get tired, but stay inspired. Anything is possible with faith and action. There are no short cuts. The "PROCESS" is the price of admission to walk through the doors of success and well-being.

Reasons we sabotage: listening to the inner critic, not aware of blind spots, comfort zone, rigid, shame/fear/feel unworthy, stuck in your feelings, people pleasing, weary, burned out, bitter, lack of environment to help you grow, and never experienced Jewel's effective empowHERment tools and support to heal our inner child or wounded adult.

Enjoy my recent YouTube video by clicking the RED arrow below. Thank you for sharing my videos and this InspiHER blog/newsletter link with your friends and contacts. I sincerely appreciate your support and time.

call 323.964.1736

Remember Jewel's group coaching DiaMIND INNERversity Session meets every Sunday on zoom, 3:00 PM (Pacific), 6:00 PM (Eastern)

You are NOT required to attend every Sunday. Attend as your time permits. You can choose to be ON or OFF camera. Each session offers you different life coaching topics, clarity, conversation, connection, emotional, and spiritual enrichment.

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