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When shiFt happens, many of us turn to flight, fight, fear, flow, or feel frozen. If we don't like it, we resist change. We strike out at someone or beat up on ourselves with guilt, fear, anxiety,and gloom. We want to have security and certainty. On the road of life, you will experience change, loss, grief, and unexpected detours and bumps. This book message can help you develop emotional and spiritual shock absorbers for the changes and bumps in life. Only the strong survive and thrive through the many kinds of life changes.

To cope with change, I’ve learned to stay awake instead of numbing myself, blaming, or turning in the opposite direction. Walking by faith and not by sight is an attitude that helps me to develop a spirit of hope, a mind of possibilities, and a heart of joy and gratitude. Nothing in life is permanent or guaranteed. No one is immune from misfortune. Life is precious and unpredictable. Life is bitter and life is sweet. You live in a world full of good and bad, joy and pain, ups and downs, and turnarounds. When life shakes and wakes you up, you can make yourself miserable and cling to your wants, needs, and past ... or you adjust, adapt, surrender, and discover meaning, new life, new courage, new habits, new techniques, and new strength.

This book, ShiFt Happens, is a tool I offer to help cultivate your mind with seeds of hope, peace, resiliency, and adaptability. Give yourself the success advantage and gain the tools to cope with the 4 types of life changes that will happen in your life. You can have this e-book sent to your email address for only $9.50, send to cash app $GratefulJDT or (remember to include your correct email address to receive your e-book).

If you prefer the HARD copy, it is $21 which includes shipping/handling.

Our Women on the Grow, Inc. 501c3 partners enable us to have an effective outreach to bless women experiencing hardships (e.g. breast cancer, abuse, depression, trauma, grief, unemployment, caregiving, illness, single parenting, homeless, etc.) Because of our Sister $owers, we are able to send funds, books, offer free counseling, and participation in our events. Welcome to our two (2) new Women on the Grow Sister $owers...

Trena Lawson

Bridget Morgan

If you are inspired to be a difference maker and sister $ower, feel free to begin to join our compassion movement ministry of service. You choose the amount at this link and I will send you a beautiful appreciation bracelet gift.

Click arrow below to watch this short video which captures our wonderful experience on our recent Women on the Grow one-day getaway excursion by Amtrak to beautiful Santa Barbara.

Come GROW with us. Our past locations of travel and events have been in: San Diego, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Tacoma/Seattle, Washington, Dana Point, Canada, South Africa, and Hawaii.

Stay tuned for our September excursion.

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