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God's Waiting Room

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

I understand what it's like to be frustrated waiting. Are you waiting; on a breakthrough, a healing in your body, a phone call, some money, new love, some help, new customers, relief from stress/drama, your application to be approved, some progress with your weight loss or your goals and plans?

I have learned so many times while waiting in my Faith Gap to become a real waiter and SERVE others while I am waiting. I am continuing to learn how to master my emotions even when the circumstances didn't change or go my way. Sometimes I learned in my waiting season while feeling empty...that I was convicted to help others, even though I went home feeling empty of hope myself waiting God to renew my strength.

Too often self-pity, frustration, anger, depression, delays, and doubt caused me to focus on my point of pain too much and I would shut down.

While sitting in my dentist office waiting room a few years ago, I received a spiritual revelation and download about the 12 types of waiting. Subsequently, I wrote a book, The 12 Seats in God's Waiting Room. Each time I find myself in another waiting season...I reflect and acknowledge which seat I am in and then I get busy SERVING others.

SERVING others was a healthier diversion from tapping my feet, looking at the ceiling, losing sleep, being irritated, losing my temper, and losing faith in God's timing. My focus shifts from my internal suffering to external ways to help others...even if it is as simple as a smile, a nice tip in a restaurant, a phone call, a greeting card, giving transportation, compassionately listening to people in need, sending a check, volunteering, and so on.

How do you serve others?

Are you in a Faith Gap?

Are you frustrated waiting?

Do you want to hear my message this Sunday in my on-line INNERversity session about the 12 Seats in God's Waiting Room?

Do you serve others with a smile?

I have 10 tickets remaining

Register at this link below today. MEN are welcome and encouraged to attend.

I was born for this!

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