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Heart and Soul Check-up

Updated: May 2, 2023

As a growing person learning the difference between self-love, self-esteem, and self-care, I save my time and energy for the things that matter most. There is no cure for being human. We will all have our seasons of transformation called by many names when you must unplug, hold onto broken pieces from your shipwreck, and send out a signal for "help". It's called by many names...the Odyssey, the great initiation, the death and rebirth process, the phoenix rising from the ashes, the dark night of the soul, your Job experience, or being Jonah in the belly of the whale, on the Potter's wheel. or the hero's journey. These experiences are when we surrender to a time of great difficulty and we come out wiser, kinder, stronger, and proclaim... "I can see clearly now."

Are you trying to pray, work, lead, parent, create, or grow from a dry well or a bitter cup?

Denial or anger are common first reactions to disease, disaster, death, or any disruption in our lives... We want things to continue as usual. We crave the familiar. We crave what we can control and predict. Guess what? We cannot. Guess what? It's not the strong who's one who can adapt to change who wins. A beautiful card sent to me by a dear sisterfriend said..."It's OK to say, "We are NOT OK. We're scared, angry, and for sure tired. And on top of that, we're still expected to step out into this world and function like everything is ok. But we have the right to feel how we feel. We have the right to be who we are in this moment and do what we gotta do to get through this. And we're going to do it together."

Our heart and soul wants to connect with others without always having to pretend that everything is OK. Yes, life is messy, unpredictable, beautiful, scary, magical, painful, mysterious, joy, pain, sunshine, and rain. Just because you're suffering doesn't mean you are a failure. Some things cannot be fixed, but have to be endured and carried.

I am in the process of turning my book "ShiFT Happens" into an audio book because many counseling clients let me know when they are down they don't have the energy to read a book.

I have learned that it's important to let the right people in when you are in a difficult storm or journey or rebirthing. Don't isolate. Remember your emotions can be costly if you believe everything you think. Sometimes it's just a feeling...not a fact. Your emotions should not be suppressed but expressed so you can lighten your heart. This is one reason why I have been facilitating for 3 years every Diamond INNERversity in my signature zoom room. Plan to attend at least once to gain the insights and impartation. There is no growth in your comfort zone and no comfort in a growth zone.

I learned in my prison of pain to live with what is and not resist reality, pray for grace, focus on what I am grateful for, unlearn some old beliefs, old habits, let go of some old things, regulate my emotions, and see my crisis as a big "You-turn " to rest up so I could wake up to my possibilities to SEE what remains after the explosion (e.g. the bomb of divorce, death of a loved one, illness, surgery, financial setback, betrayal, heartbreak, disappointments, etc).

Today you and I can choose hopelessness, darkness, fear, anger, revenge, rage, overthinking, overeating, overspending, any addictive behavior, or despair in our prison of pain.

Or we can embrace the NOW present, choose a better story to tell ourselves, choose light, hope, purpose, gratitude, joy, deep breathing, and seek ways to help others which takes our eyes off of "I" hurt, "I" am sad. "I" am lonely. "I" am so stupid, ugly, and ashamed. "I" regret. "I" can't. "I" am so mad, "I" am stuck. etc.

Say this out loud

I release the negative self-talk holding me back. I’m ready for any way God chooses to bless me. I am learning to practice the wise ability to; observe, discern, study, learn, apply, heal/grow, align, self-correct, eat wisely, speak wisely, let go of what does not serve me well, create, laugh out loud, dance, enjoy nature, elevate, and shine my light. My desire is to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, thinking the right things, with the right people. Tomorrow is not promised. There is no YES in yesterday. TODAY is great a day to be alive, awake, aware, available, active, and grateful in spite of it all.


Every Sunday "The DiaMIND INNERversity 3 pm (Pacific), 6 pm (Eastern) virtual zoom


Saturday, May 20 - Sacramento, CA Sister Soul Saturday


Saturday, June 3 - Los Angeles, CA Women's Ministry Program 10 AM, New Testament Church


Wednesday-Friday, Sept 27-29 Jewel Diamond Taylor hosts her Annual Malibu Getaway


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