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How NOT to Let Family Drive You Crazy

WINDsday Inspiration

Some people use the word "cope" when dealing with family situations and stress.

I use the word "navigating" the different personalities, energy, and stressful situations.

To keep my stress under control ... I'm learning how to have a healthier emotional response without getting lost, crashing, or running out of mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional gas.

Sometimes I feel like I'm going in circles and getting nowhere in communicating with others. My prayer life, self-care, studies, and boundaries are helping me to navigate the twists and turns, valleys, rough roads, bad weather, uphill battles, the family/friends' cars broken down on the side of the road needing assistance, and the passengers in the car with me.

With the various personalities and needs of each person around me, I now know how important it is to successfully navigate the neighborhood called "family". I can't change people but I can change how I respond to keep myself sane, centered, and not sick and tired.

I'm learning to follow my GPS (God Provides Serenity) and re-route when given instruction to avoid accidents, going down Crazy Street, dead ends, and unnecessary time lost. I'm learning to navigate carefully various challenging relationships by...

keeping my safety belt on (shiFT happens, life gets bumpy at times)

stay in my lane (everything is NOT my business to fix)

turn on my lights when it gets dark (I must remember to stay in the light)

keep my faith tank full with premium gas (I can't afford to drive around on fumes)

check my brakes and tires (self-care)

open up the windows (exhale and breathe)

enjoy the scenery and listen to good music on my journey (calming)

pay attention to the red lights (be smart and stop, rest and don't rush and say or do something I will later regret)

and keep my vehicle (my body) tuned up to avoid breaking down." - Jewel Diamond Taylor

Coach Jewel Diamond Taylor is excited to share her secrets to cope and win in the game of life. Don't sit in the bleachers as a spectator. Get on the field as a participator in your life.

You will gain success strategies, out of the ordinary unconventional ideas, unique perspectives, innovative encouragement, clarity, and a push of action toward your purpose and goals. Life Coach Jewel continues to empower others to build up their faith, confidence, and focus to take steps to achieve their goals. Discover what coping skills, limiting beliefs, emotional masks, or sabotaging habits are hindering your growth, progress, and happiness.

The location is the Doubletree by Hilton, Carson CA, 11 am - 3 pm, Wear a sports jersey. Limited seating. $35 per person - register at this link  or Cashapp $gratefulJDT

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2 commentaires

Juliet Gipson
Juliet Gipson
20 févr.

GP😍S outstanding!


I love the GPS term.God Provides Serenity💕👍🏽💞😊

Thank You JDT😘

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