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InspiHER message from Jewel Diamond Taylor

This is a page from the November issue of "You GOAL Girl Magazine"

There are some days you may feel your faith and determination are strong. And there may be days when you feel like you don't have a clue what to do. You may feel beat up, broken, bewiildered, bitter, broke, barren, bored, burned out, and full of the blues.

Don't allow the hard days to win. Are you distracted focusing on your disappointments and not your destiny...or focusing on your pain and not your purpose?

Have you learned how to endure the uncomfortable, the inconveniences, and the unpredictable circumstances? Are you in denial about your pain or masking your pain with alcohol, food, shopping, drugs, busyness, or sleep? Have you normalized constant stress, anxiety, exhaustion, depression, grief, or defeating thoughts? Please seek help. Many people living with stress are disconnected from family and friends and drained of mental/emotional fortitude and faith to get up each day. Let's cancel any stigma or shame of seeking support when you realize your body, mind, emotions, lifestyle, relationships, and energy are being drained and compromised. You matter!

Only the strong survive. There are some things you won't get ... if you quit. Whatever you are thinking, feeling, and speaking with either take you down or raise you to a new level of perseverance, faith, courage, progress, and a peace that can surpass your human understanding.

One day you will thank God and thank youself for not giving up.

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Unknown member
10. Nov. 2022

I’m ReJEWELvinated as I receive and repeat the smoothie recipe, the affirmations, and the financial blessings.

Gefällt mir
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