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Inspiration for people on-the-grow

Suggested prayer to read out loud...

"I don't have to fix my present circumstances all out in one day.

I don't have to fill in the silence left behind from another person's absence. I don't have to know all the answers right now.

I don't need to lean into my understanding, fears, worries, or timeline of when things should happen.

I surrender to the mystery of Your way, protection, and provision. I release my agenda and ego. I come to your altar to alter my habitual thoughts of worry, anger, procrastination, and stress.

I now make the decision to let go, and let God be God.

I will quiet the chatter in my mind and say, "God, I want Your truth to be the loudest voice in my life. Guide me in your blessed assurance to trust Your Divine order.

Thank you for Your word and promises that wash away my fears, exhaustion, and troubled mind.

I will focus on feeling blessed, not stressed. I now exhale and breath in Your peace....ahhhhhhhmen."

- excerpt from booklet "Color Me Blessed" by Jewel Diamond Taylor

Join us for a one-day getaway Saturday, July 17, 2021, on Amtrak train to Santa Barbara for lunch on the wharf, checking out the sites, and return that evening to Los Angeles Union Train Station.

For info email - or text 310.526.2552

We are also celebrating the birthday of our Women on the Grow, Inc. Vice President, Joy Lewis.

This is our schedule below. Once you purchase your train ticket at, please email to confirm you will be traveling with our group. Keep in mind it is summertime and people are traveling, so make your plans soon.

Watch LIVE Tuesday at this link

The world has changed. Inspiration, knowledge, and help are everywhere. There is no excuse to fail with so many books, mentors, coaches, classes, on-line courses, groups, social media, web sites, blogs, podcasts, shows, and resources available. Are you isolating and procrastinating or taking advantage of what is available?

Because of technology, it's never been so easy to grow, share, and connect with others. I am one of many resources to connect with to grow, share, evolve, and succeed.

A crucial part of being successful, feeling self-esteem, and satisfaction is just showing up.

Last year I started my virtual class on-line because of the pandemic. Thank you to these ladies for continuing to show up on Sunday in my Filling Station Virtual Master Class for over a year now. . Kathi Arnold . Toi Arnold

. Patsy Cobb

. Marlene Dyce . Tracy Edmonson

. Diane Hale

. Arnetha Harrison

. Patricia Jacobs

. Joy Lewis . Beverly Porter

. Cassandra Scott

. Cheryl Sellers . Valerie Vaultz

This year our class grew with new participants... . Valesha Carter

. Sage Chioma

. Janet Harold . Adrienne Harrington . Louida Shaw

. Dwan Smith

Go get your blessing. One piece of information can radically change your life in a positive way. See you on Sunday, 3 pm (Pacific), 6 pm (Eastern) email - or text 310.526.2552 to register TODAY

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