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Updated: Feb 16

Some will “boo” and some will cheer you on in life.Some people are cheering for you and some may be hoping you don’t win.

Guard your heart. Get over it. It's called life.

. Winners rely on good coaching and mentoring.

. Winners decide to get on the grid iron of life and not to be spectators but participators in their own success. They take possession of the ball (goal).

. Winners know they need to be strong to withstand the hits, fumbles, and opposition trying to knock them down. Don't give up.

. Winners wear the right gear, helmet, and armor to protect themselves. They are not surprised by the setbacks, hits, haters, and opposition. They are prepared for it mentally and physically. Are you wearing the full armor of God?

. Winners achieve their goals because they keep their eyes on the ball (goals) and the finish line. Winners keep the main thing…THE MAIN THING!

. Winners get in the game FEELing like a winner. Winners know their worth and value. Their mental and emotional attitude is just as important as their physical ability.

. Winners keep showing up for practice and sit in the locker room to be inspired and listen to their coach to learn how to strategize with a great

game plan. They train their minds to tune out the noise of the distractors and detractors.

.  Winners review their past plays so they can improve...not to feel ashamed

or defeated. They want to grow and get better! They know it's a learning process.

. Winners know how to be team players. They can't win the game alone.

. Winners are strengthened and encouraged by their team members. They surround themselves with people who bring out the best in them.

You may be on the bench for a while because of injuries, sickness, relationship issues, financial issues, anger issues, etc.

The clock is ticking. Get in shape. Listen to your coach, especially to God, your head coach. Discipline yourself to persevere and endure the practices without excuses to strengthen your body and winning mindset.

Encourage your teammates and get in a huddle on a regular basis for your audibles.

Know your position and keep your eye on the ball.

There is no straight line to the goalpost. Be suited up for the opposition, hits, attacks, and fumbles. Stay in the game and be a winner in the game called LIFE. I'm so grateful for my 100 guests and amazing guest speakers Dr. Anthony McFarland and Dr. Rosie Milligan for speaking in my annual locker room experience at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Carson!!

by Jewel Diamond Taylor, Speaker, Life Coach, and Creator of the annual Super Goal Saturday experience for over 20 years.

Coach Jewel...Yes, I am learning and really watching my words as we spoke about in our last coaching session. I learned to replace my words such as I need and I want (which leave me in a place of lack and yearning) I now work on replacing those words with:

I am willing

I am open

I receive

I would enjoy

I am ready

I am learning from you how to speak the language of abundance and that our mind has to shift through experiences, places, and words! Sometimes it feels challenging as I have been stuck in prior language habits. However, I think about being in the present and I sometimes use the brain hackers to grow out of my comfort zone that you shared with me such as: Brushing my teeth with my left hand and going in a new direction when I am headed to my destination. 😀

I want to say thank you for coaching me and helping me with my thinking and wellness.

I have been training and working but I believe my schedule is about to normalize. Do you have any availability for Monday? - Kimberly Williams

February 16 - Jewel facilitates a Grief Support Group Circle, Pomona, CA

February 17 - Caregiver's Support Group hosted by Jewel Diamond Taylor - virtual zoom

1:00 pm (Pacific) 4:00 pm (Eastern) this is a time for exhausted caregivers caring for their family members to share their story/needs, and connect with others who can relate to their experience taking care of a parent, spouse, child, friend, etc.

Some of you are financially burdened, alone, overwhelmed, sad, exhausted, isolated, upset, not receiving help from family members, and confused about how someone they love and care for can exhibit anger, rebellion, frustration, and demands. If you have had a past experience with caregiving, feel free to join and share your suggestions and journey. email to receive the link and password

February 18 - DiaMIND INNERversity - Jewel Diamond Taylor's virtual master wholistic wellness for women session - real talk - real results, 3:00 pm (Pacific) 6:00 pm (Eastern)

email for the link and password

February 21 - Veterans Advisory Commission Military and Veteran Affairs Black History Program, Los Angeles

February 24 - Single Parent Achievers Gala, Greenbelt, Maryland

February 25 - Sunday Flow - Inspiration and Networking, 4 pm - Morningside, Maryland- no charge to attend

March 2 - Real Talk Circle - Wholistic Wellness for Women hosted by Jewel Diamond Taylor, 6:30 pm - monthly in Inglewood, CA

March 16 - Women on the Grow Luncheon - San Diego, CA

March 30 - San Jose, CA Annual Girlfriend's Day Experience

April 27 - Life Church Women's Tea - Riverside, CA

Sept 3 - 6 - Women on the Grow Annual reTREAT in Malibu

To invite Jewel Diamond Taylor as the keynote speaker for your event or one-on-one life coaching, podcast interview, or info to attend the above -

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3 commentaires

Queen Jewel… thank you! There is something beautifully moving that happens whenever I am in your presence or read one of your WINsDay inspirations. You are reminding me that life is worth and for the living. Thank you for letting God use you to usher in a reNEWed me.


Good morning Jewel,😊

Thank you for always telling it like it is and for putting information out there and for encouraging us. I appreciate you.💕

Trish Goings


Juliet Gipson
Juliet Gipson
17 févr.

Hello Jewel Diamond Taylor

I’d like to attend your upcoming luncheon in San Diego 3:16/24

Just need time and ticket info

Blessings to you.


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