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Jewel's InspiHER newsletter 2/22/2023

In the normal course of my day of counseling and life coaching, I talk with so many people who are experiencing anxiety, stress, grief, health issues, financial issues, loneliness, family drama, and exhaustion from their family obligations, job, business, or caregiving.

The more stressed we become, the harder it can be for us to think clearly. Deep breathing helps benefit your mental health and well-being.

Deep breathing exercises throughout your day can slow down the heart rate, reduce your blood pressure, and relaxes your muscles. Click the video below for a quick breathing practice.

"Jewel Diamond Taylor's gift of inspiration is heaven-sent. A coaching session or counseling session with Jewel always leaves me with a sense that all things work together for the good. What I initially perceive as a challenge ... Jewel's session shifts my perception and I realize the challenge is nudging me to walk in my anointing and fearlessly align my mind with the divine. Because Jewel's methods have taught me one thing for certain and two things for sure.: to keep the main thing the main thing, know that the Holy Spirit has got my back and I always remember to stay in the light." In loving service, Sage Chioma, North Carolina

March 25 - SAN JOSE, CA - Girlfriends Appreciation Day

April 29 - LONG BEACH, CA - WINergy Part 2 with Jewel Diamond Taylor and Dr. Romeo Brooks

May 20 - SACRAMENTO, CA - Sister Soul Saturday

Sept 27-29 - MALIBU, CA - Women on the Grow reTREAT Getaway

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