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Just a reMINDer - Be Kind to Your MIND

Sometimes you just have to own your feelings and not try to present a perfectly managed life. You can feel blessed and still feel at times that your life is off-course, unfulfilling, or broken. Do not suppress, deny, play down, or push back your feelings. You cannot heal if you are full of shame and blame. Acknowledge your feelings. There are ways to restore your joy and peace which I share during my weekly virtual INNERversity on Sundays.

Of course it is unhealthy to totally withdraw, isolate, brood, not eat, not sleep and allow dark thoughts to take over. Rest if you must. Say NO if you must. Take a break. Re-calibrate, set boundaries if you must. Reorganize your calendar and living space. Check in with the people who love you unconditionally. Pray for discernment to know who is in your core circle vs. the crowd. Be kind to your mind. No longer beat yourself up comparing, competing, or running yourself ragged and crazy people pleasing. You are in a new season. Do what you need to do to maintain your joy, faith, health, peace, focus, sanity, creativity, purpose, sense or humor, and resiliency.

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