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"Shout out to the ones who cried in the shower this morning at 8:40 AM, cried so hard that their body shook. Then "put on the mask" and were office ready by 9.

Shout out to the ones who are grieving. The ones caring for sick parents or sick children. The ones navigating a devastating personal loss. The ones who feel lost. The ones who are exhausted. The anxious ones. The ones who can't quite name the reason but the tears come anyway.

My mom is really sick. I don't talk about it every day but I think about it every day. On days when I cry in the morning but boss up for that work presentation. On days when I'm group chatting my family during a staff meeting. On days when you ask, "Hey! How are you?" and I smile and say "I'm good!'

Shoutout to the women who so often bear these burdens. And shoutout to the men who have even less space in their lives to grieve or be exhausted or cry on someone's shoulder.

My mom has had a rough week this week and this morning I cried so hard in the shower. I wanted to take the day off but I had a meeting. I'm grateful that I run my own company and we have a work culture that prioritizes mental health but honestly, sometimes work feels easier than the rest of it.

So shout out to all the ones navigating grief and loss and stress and just normal living that gets hard. And still showing up at work every day.

You are not alone.

You are not alone.

You are not alone.

I'm pretty sure we're the silent majority.

Update: Definitely cried during my first meeting of the day but at least I was smart enough to wear waterproof mascara!!! - L. Johnson, Ohio

"I am advocate and resource for women's wellness. Because I know many silent sufferers, caregivers, and exhausted women...I wanted to share this story...especially to those who seek my counseling service." Jewel Diamond Taylor

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