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Less than one minute message from Jewel

You have tremendous power and possibilities to enrich your faith, thinking, peace, health, relationships, income, and purpose.

I invite YOU to share your voice and connect with wisdom seekers, faith builders, and women on the grow who are transforming their life experiences and thoughts, and feelings into healing, new perspectives, and progress with their personal and professional goals. I was born to curate SAFE places for women to find relief, deepen their faith, and express their fears, questions, disappointments, hopes, desires, or stress about their relationships, purpose, health, faith, self-worth, past choices, and explore new ways to live their life more fully. Your mental and emotional well-being matters. ShiFT happens. Resiliency happens? Grace happens? New strength and joy happens! Let's go! Let's grow!

I look forward to seeing you in my signature zoom room Sunday, 3 pm (Pacific), 6:00 pm (Eastern). You can choose to enjoy the session with your camera off. Click the link to receive the link and password for my unique DiaMIND INNERversity experience. - Jewel Diamond Taylor, The Self-esteem Dr.

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