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Affirmations Do Work

This photo above is the location for our

Annual Women on the Grow December 4, 2021 Holiday GatHERing tickets are selling!!! The location is a beautiful AirBNB home. The ticket sales are limited.

Thank you Alicia Gaskins Barmore Favour Nonprofit Summit for honoring and celebrating 4 Emmy winners which also happen to be your Favour Consulting Group clients. How cool is that?!!

(left to right - Joanne Lisosky, Zerina Akers, Melannie Denise Cunningham, and Jewel Diamond Taylor).

Comfort and privilege will deceive people to believe that things aren't that bad. Compassion and humility will move you to consider the pain of others as worthy of your attention. Because of the staggering number of distressed women, especially since the pandemic, Women on the Grow, Inc. 501(c)3 continues to offer programs, emergency funds, free coaching/counseling for women rising above life's adversities (i.e. breast cancer, unemployment, divorce, COVID, grief, depression, trauma, domestic abuse, single parenting, caregiving).

To sow a $eed.... 1. EASY TEXT-TO-GIVE...just put in the comment box your amount to donate to 213.732.3233

2. or donate at

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