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newsletter update from Jewel Diamond Taylor 4/28/2023

No amount of regret can change the past.

No amount of worry can change the future.

Having more gratitude can change your present.

"Please go out on the porch and get me the broom," a mother said to her little girl.

"I don't want to," the little girl said.

"Go and get the broom," the mother repeated.

"But it's dark out there," the little girl said. "I'm scared!"

The mom said, "There's nothing to be afraid of. God is out there."

The girl went to the door, opened it a crack, and whispered, "God, if You're out there, could you hand me the broom?"

Don’t be in denial, or discouraged and avoid the areas in your life that need attention and action.

You can’t escape the challenges of life.

Confront and conquer your issues with faith, courage, and action.

Thank you, Lord for the courage and faith to face my challenges today. I am suited for any battle with my shield of faith, sword of truth, and helmet of salvation. My feet are shod with your power and protection and power. Amen


Pre-Mother's Day Invitation

(Let's wear the colors yellow, pink, white)


Below are 2 men who will be speaking at my upcoming WINergy Forum, Saturday, April 29

Men and women are encouraged to attend.

Location - Michelle Obama Library, 5870 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805

12:30 light refreshments / 1:00 pm the forum begins

My guest panel will discuss: . mental/emotional/physical health for men and women. emotional support for mothers with sons . family healing and communication styles . things you can do to overcome diabesity, high blood pressure, depression, poor elimination . the aging process - how to gain more energy . inspiration to take your mindset to a new level of results, satisfaction, and progress

All those who send an RSVP by email will be on the guest list to attend at NO cost.

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1 Comment

Lynn Mangum
Lynn Mangum
Apr 30, 2023

This was great Jewel. Thank you!

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