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Updated: May 9, 2023

Phenomenal things happen when phenomenal women get together and get outside of their comfort zone.

Thank you to our 20 beautiful guests for attending our impromptu Pre-Mother's Day lunch gatHERing in beautiful Marina del Rey. It was a lovely day talking, laughing, networking, watching the sailboats, and enjoying the bluetit-full scenery. It doesn’t take much to make us happy and feel the power of love and connection.

Today is a day of gratitude and action. In a season of adversity when my life feels upside down, I remain focused on my next step. I don't have to figure everything all out in one day. Your presence and power in my life are in and with me always even when I'm not sure about the how, when, where, or why I am enduring this season. Today I will be proactive and take it one day at a time, one step at a time, and one breath at a time to seek solutions, support, and spiritual strength. I can do something today to be victorious and no longer a victim. I will stay in the light to overcome any defeat, depression, or doubts.

Today there may be challenges to overcome, tasks to complete, and distractions from the world. Lord God, thank you for your hand of blessing, protection, provision, peace, and guidance. I open my heart to You and trust Your plan even when I can’t trace Your hand and plan for my life. I pray for a heart that hears your divine whispers and guidance throughout my busy day. I now exhale all fear, stress, anger, anxiety, and worry. I speak life over myself and decree "All is well". Ahhhhhhmen

Sacramento (Fair Oaks area)

Saturday, May 20

Sister SOUL Saturday

Saturday, June 3 - 10 AM

New Testament Church United Christian Women's Ministry

Guest Speaker - Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor

"Finding Joy in the Midst of Hard Times"

No admission fee- free will offering

1941 West Florence, Los Angeles

Sept 27-29 - Annual Malibu Getaway reTREAT

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