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12 Faces of Eve

"Ladies we are leaders, lovers, lifters and load carriers.

Perhaps you’re reading this material because you realize it’s time for a makeover. Maybe you

realize that you are living your life out of control, out of order or just plain out of energy, faith and self-esteem. I can only write this book because I have seen days when I felt like I was only being held together by some scotch tape and a prayer. I’ve seen days when I have questioned my sanity, my faith, my purpose, my marriage, my parenting skills, my decisions, and my self-esteem.

Writing these messages and sharing these insights in my 12 Faces of Eve seminars in the past years allowed me to heal.

I discovered the masks I was wearing to protect myself and survive. I discovered the sacred unspoken contracts I made to keep the peace, to please others or to even avoid success because of guilt, shame, lack of courage, and lack of encouragement.

While teaching these seminars I was helping others. But in return, I gained deeper clarity and understanding about my own issues. I continue to empty my mental and emotional trash can of guilt from poor choices, lost time, the dis-ease to please, my personal trauma when my son passed from cancer, and a wounded self-esteem.

Some of us were told that we were too bossy, arrogant, too loud, too ambitious, too pretty, too dark, too light or just “too much.” Some of us were told to lower our standards, tolerate the intolerable, or just fit in where you could get in. Some of us had our dreams kicked out of us. Some of us haven't adapted well or recovered from people in our life who are: abusers, narcissists, addicts, mentally unstable, missing in action, deceitful, needy, controlling, co-dependent, or hurt people who hurt people. Some of us were told to get out of that mirror and some of us were never affirmed about our inner and outer beauty. And yes, some of us have been waiting for someone to rescue us. Some of us have been derailed from our goals because of divorce, illness, grief, depression, debt, diapers, dead beat friends, dysfunctional habits or dysfunctional family issues, and/or mates.

Unfortunately, it is a common belief that getting over depression and anxiety is just a matter of snapping out of it, being resilient, being happy and grateful, or praying longer and harder. (continued in my book "The 12 Faces of Eve" available in e-book format).

I look forward to seeing YOU today in my DiaMIND INNERversity virtual empowHER study group

3:00 PM Pacific

6:00 PM Eastern

Once you register, a link and password will be sent to your email address.

A big shout out of thanks to our Women on the Grow, Inc. 501c3 Sister $owers for your monthly tax-deductible donations. Because of YOU, our organization has been able to send funds to eleven (11) families for our ThanksGIVING Grocery Outreach program. We also provided food, water, clothing, and temporary housing for a women living in her car last week.

If anyone would like to make any size tax-deductible donation which is allocated for women living with adversities (e.g. cancer, single parenting, illness, grief, depression, trauma, food or home insecurity, unemployed, domestic abuse) your donations are appreciated. Thank you earth angels for your compassionate giving and prayers. Go to or$gratefulJDT

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