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Say "YESSSS" to a better life

"If you need to cry, scream, sit down, take a nap, go for a ride, quit a project, take off your superwoman cape, decline the invitation, start over again, say "no" to the boundary bullies, manipulators, haters, or energy it.

If you have been people-pleasing to keep the peace, the 911 person and go-to person in your family, or trying to fit in, trying to buy love, trying to have a perfect life, perfect marriage, perfect children, perfect body, perfect job/business....stop in the name of love.

If your finances are gone because you thought you were helping someone... realize that your help is NOT always helping.

Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Stop accepting the leftovers. Feed your mind, body, and spirit. Take better care of yourself. Say YES to your dreams, peace, new experiences, goals, purpose, rest, and true self. Say YES to healing those broken places. Say YES and drown out those silent screams. Ask for what you want. Before you burn out from the MESS and STRESS...delegate, ask for help, say YES to your self-care. Take a break before you have a breakdown. Your anxiety and exhaustion are red flags. F.E.A.R. (Fear Expressed Allows Relief).

As the Founder of Women on the Grow, Inc. 501c3, author, conference speaker, emotional/mental wellness advocate, retreat host, life coach/counselor, and creator of my weekly Diamond INNERversity series... I curate SAFE places for women to find relief, breathe, exhale, and express their fears, questions, disappointments, hopes, desires, or stress about their relationships, purpose, health, faith, self-worth, past choices, emotional healing, and deepen their faith."

(excerpt from the book "YESSagges for Women" by Jewel Diamond Taylor)

You GOAL Girl - Women on the Grow Part 2 is happening Saturday, March 19, 2022 in Encino, CA (limited seating) click below link to register

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