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Sister Soul Saturday reTREAT Invite

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Save the date Saturday, July 16, 2022 to enjoy a very unique Women on the Grow experience "Sister SOUL Saturday reTREAT" in southern California hosted by Jewel Diamond, peace, relaxation, sisterhood, full body or neck/back massages, gift giveaways, self-care and healing group discussions, delicious food ... 8 hours of exhaling, laughter, sisterhood, networking, and a blessed day in beautiful Rancho Cucamonga at the Hidden Oaks Retreat Center (right off the 210 freeway). Our gatHERings are magical bringing women together, taking a much-needed break from our busy lives, soaking up the wisdom, connections, laughter, stories, smiles, nature, and Jewel's "EmpowHERment special sauce". It's the women who make our women's retreats so special, providing comfort, support, and serious girl-time fun. Our casual attire color theme is yellow and/or green.

Enjoy nature, the oaks, the sisterhood, breakfast, lunch, empowHERment discussion circles, sunshine, gift giveaways, and a professional massage therapist will on site offering full body or neck/back chair massages. Your reTREAT host is Jewel Diamond Taylor, a veteran reTREAT faciliator who has offered retreats every year since 1986 (except 2020 during the Pandemic).

Enjoy the peace. Don't cheat yourself...reTREAT yourself because my retreats get booked quickly.

The word "retreat" comes from the Latin root meaning to "draw back." Retreats allow you to withdraw from the "real" world -- from surface living -- daily demands, isolation, and enter the deeper inner realms of joy, knowing, exhaling, connection, and spiritual renewal. Some common synonyms for RETREAT are calm, placid, serene, sanctuary, refuge, haven, hideaway, sanctum, hideout, peaceful, and tranquil. This window of time will be your quiet and free time from noise, work, drama, stress, and hectic demands.

One of my love languages is creating safe spaces for women to take off their armors and masks to exhale, laugh, heal, dream, fellowship, travel, study, network, and grow!!!

or you can use Zelle (no CashApp) or mail a check.


Once you registration is received, the address and further logistics will be emailed to you.

If you do not receive confirmation from Women on the Grow, 1) check your spam or 2) send an email to because often the email address linked to your Paypal is not current.

If you have any questions, email - or text 310.526.2552

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1 Comment

Jun 21, 2022

I 'am so grateful that you have been in my life for over some 30 years , while I still have much to do your counsel,friendship & wisdom keeps me knowing that there is long as I Stay in the Light.You "see me"!May God to pour into you SPECIAL WOMAN OF wisdom. Your sis

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