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OMG!!! after 37 years of interacting with a diversity of women from my speaking engagements, conferences, retreats, travel, coaching, calls, and counseling...I have heard amazing stories of women who have issues with; mother/daughter conflict/pain, divorce, grief, marriage/dating problems, breast cancer, secrets, church hurt, betrayal, job dissatisfaction, dysfunctional family/childhood, addictions, domestic abuse, financial stress, achievements against the odds, depression, trauma, caregiving, raising their grandchildren, painful loss, homeless, unemployed, parenting stress, mental health issues in the family, sexual violence, single and lonely, unhappy and feeling stuck with no purpose, struggling as a single parent, feeling unworthy, etc. Some women were born in a storm and have never experienced peace, real love, stability, or connection.
I have gained so much insight from so many women's; vulnerability, courage, love, faith, courage, tenacity, resiliency, service to others, kindness, wisdom, unstoppable faith and trust in me to be their repository and safe haven for their stories, questions, and curiousity.

If you would like to submit your short testimony, quote, or story on how you were able to break some strongholds, heal some wounds, transform your thinking, or have gained life skills and self-awareness from your experiences with me and Women on the Grow and the INNERversity and you are willing to celebrate your personal victories... please submit it to my email You can also submit one anonymously and I will only include your city and/or state.

Just know, for sure, your story of breaking strongholds, possessing a steadfast faith in God, and your growth ... can truly bless someone who feels lost, exhausted, unworthy,unloveable, hopeless, alone, broken, doubtful or ashamed. Spread the light. Be a light. Stay in the light. (Matthew 5:16)

Remember to listen to your thought for the day call 310.526.2552. (Life is so GRAND with our Codey)

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My My struggle of being of of of mini surgeries and I have mini strokes God has brought brought me though out of many storms these are mine testimony that I can tail he is amazing God one of my testimony that I will like to share is that in 2013 I was in a bad car accident wearing mine car west facing the oncoming traffic my car was totaled out it was me and my three younger children at the time in the car that age is worse one and six years old Twins hi was the only one that was in June real bad I had to have emergency surgery oh my liver God bye-bye for me another…

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