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Positive habits for your WELL-being

Toxic people (e.g. selfish, full of drama, deceit, manipulation, anger, addicts, jealous, abusive, narcissistic, or immature) can try to make you feel you are holding a grudge, when in fact, you learned how to hold boundaries. We get what we tolerate and finding your voice and self-worth is part of self-care.

Did you know I am continue to offer my weekly Master Classes every Sunday at 3:00 pm (Pacific) via Zoom? In my last session our topic covered 6 boundaries we all need to maintain our peace, worthiness, and focus to manifest our success. Make plans now to sit in and upgrade your WELL-being. $21 per person

Call it suppression, depression, repression, denial, or procrastination… the point is that we have a tendency to avoid pain, conflict, and change. Not because we are wimpy. Our western culture teaches us to take a pill or buy something, sleep, eat, or drink to numb our pain. Much of the time we avoid pain as a way to "stay strong". Many of us learn to wear a happy face or isolate because we were told to "suck it up", "be strong", "where is your faith?", "be sturdy", "don't let God down", "don't ask for help", "don't cry and make everyone uncomfortable around you.", '"you're not praying enough" or "you'll get over it." Or some of you were neglected and never received the love and nurturing to help you cope with life's struggles. Or people are diagnosed as depressed or bipolar and go down a slippery slope of darkness with medication and a limited life.

In my upcoming Master Class (The Filling Station), I will be sharing insights about life lessons concerning our relationships. $21 per person

Remember to save the date Wednesday, May 26, 2021 to watch The Blend Talk Show, 4 pm (Pacific), 7 pm (Eastern) on Facebook with co-hosts Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor, Dr. Lisa Lewis, and Dr. Karen McGibbon. Thank you for sharing this life transforming, uplifting, and empowering show with your family and friends. Your "likes" and "comments" are greatly appreciated.

The Women on the Grow Malibu reTREAT returns October 15-17, 2021 We are half full and your $100 deposit will reserve your bed. Don't cheat yourself...TREAT yourself!

Stay in the light

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