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What lights you up?

What activities, habits or emotions clearly wasted your time last year?_________________________________________________________

What do you want to STOP doing? _________________________________________________________

When do you feel usefu, happy, productive?_________________________________________________________

What lights you up? What is it that you want people to know, see, understand, “get” in life?_________________________________________________________


What is it you want to create, produce, accomplish, or overcome?


How do feel receiving compliments? Do you feel worthy?

Do you focus more on your flaws and problems than your possibilities?

Where do you already have alliances, accomplishments, experience, knowledge?


When was the last time you gave yourself permission to do what you really want?_____________________________________

What’s always in the back of your mind?


How can a life coach most support you?


Do you keep your promises to yourself?

Are your choices shame-based or rooted in confidence, faith, courage, and action?

How do you want to FEEL about your life?_________________________________________________________

Kick start your heart...Kick the glass ceiling (e.g. fears, limited thinking, shame, doubt, age, society and other people’s opinions)

“Freedom, joy and transformation happens when you stop giving your time, resources and energy to relationships, activities, job/church/organization or habits that are not aligned with your core values. You can be free of pretending, people pleasing, fear, and feeling stuck when you give yourself permission to start developing your calling, purpose or goals or you will remain aggravated, limited and living below your potential and promise.

I love sharing my pearls of wisdom from my personal growth as a daughter, wife, mother, sisterfriend, grandmother, entrepreneur, author, retreat leader, leadership trainer, talk therapy practitioner and survivor of life’s pain and loss. I love helping women to up their game. I love seeing women wake up, overcome past hurts, take initiative, grow in their self-esteem, and shine.”

Check your heart. Does it need a kick start? Isn't it time you made yourself a priority? Isn't time you call me to set aside some time to connect with me?

call 323.964.1736 or email

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