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What's up with you - self-check

What are you focusing on? If you focus on seeing red cars, you will see more red cars. If you focus on being lonely, unhappy, and will see more evidence in your life show up to confirm what you are thinking and feeling. Focus on the bad things and you will invite negativity into your life. Focus on the good things and they will come to you, because your brain is seeking them out. It’s not magic, it’s your Reticular Activating System influencing the world you see around you. Who and what is getting your attention and energy? Do a self-check.. Are you feeling tired or inspired?

Are you sitting on your assets?

Are you procrastinating? How is your faith?

Who do you interact with the most?

What positive changes are you willing to make to get on track?

You've got ideas, dreams, plans, obligations, gifts, possibilities, intelligence, intuition, experience, education, and talents. You have power to manifest and create the life you desire. Be mindful of the people, projects, and problems that are distracting and draining you. The people who populate your life have influence on your emotions, choices, health, lifestyle, blessings, self-esteem, faith, and so much more. Do you have boundaries from the ...

Pain bringers




Part time participators



Promise breakers

Pity party planners

Pushy people

Having boundaries and healing yourself will offend the people who benefited from your brokenness, neediness, or being blind to your worth. In most cases a toxic person doesn't change, they just change their victims. Is it time to delete some numbers in your phone? Have you said, "Yes" to too many people or projects? Guard your life, dreams, possibilities, mental health, faith, finances, and peace of mind. You got this!

12:15 (Pacific) today Thursday, October 28, 2021

"Lunch and Learning Out Loud".

Get your questions ready.

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Women on the Grow offers; retreats, one-on-one coaching, conferences, getaways and the Women on the Grow Academy classes. These experiences embrace women from many walks of life to connect and grow in a safe space of learning, love, non-judgment, compassion, sisterhood, and personal growth.

Women learn emotional wellness to build up their resiliency and faith to cope with adversity; (e.g. living with cancer, divorce setbacks, childhood abuse, financial setback, single parenting, care giving, stress, racism, family disharmony and employment.)

Our powHERfull mission, is to teach women how to be a SUCCESS and NOT a statistic. This 501c3 non-profit organization enriches women’s lives to; increase coping skills, goal setting, faith, self-awareness, a healthy lifestyle, confidence, opportunities for success and healing… decrease; addictions, divorce, depression, debt, unemployment, poverty, dysfunctional relationships, domestic abuse, and low self-esteem founded byJewel Diamond Taylor.Your donations helps women in hardship to benefit, learn, enjoy, and grow from Jewel’s books, coaching, and events. visit

12:15 (Pacific) today Thursday, October 28, 2021

"Lunch and Learning Out Loud".

Get your questions ready.

I will be LIVE today on FACEBOOK...GIFT giveaways!!!

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