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WINSday - How to Achieve Success/Increase Results: Discover 5 Effective Ways

Are there things you're avoiding? Are there things distracting you from your important tasks? Are you feeling some anxiety about decisions and steps you need to take? Everyone once in a while stop to self-reflect. Are you holding on to old grudges, old habits, outdated thinking, past hurt, fairy tales, myths, abusive manipulation, fears, expectations from others or BELIEFs? Your unconscious beliefs are the hidden scripts that are running your life. You defend them, justify them, and cling to old thoughts because you have believed them for a long time...even though those thoughts and beLIEfs are blocking your happiness, peace, and progress.

There are many beLIEfs you must UNlearn before you can sustain new faith, new habits, new opportunities, new relationships, better health, finances, inner peace, and self-worth.

Be committed to your values, quests, promises, boundaries, vision, self-care, purpose, goals, and non-negotiables.

5 things to remember to manifest your next level of breakthrough and success...

1. Speak it before you see it. Say what you want to see. Your words have power. 2. Visualize it ... be specific. Visualize it just before you go to sleep to program your mind. 3. Think and ink it. Write it down and review it often. Keep goals/tasks in sight. If they are out of sight, they are out of your mind. 4. Seek accountability and support (e.g. mentor, life coach) to create the behavior, mindset, and habits that produce results. 5. Give God thanks in advance as you seek spiritual support and guidance because you were born with great gifts and purpose. Take consistent action with expectancy and gratitude. Remember Galatians 6:9 ... Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.

Yes, for years I have been invited to private homes to bring my inspirational message of faith, hope, resiliency, self-care, motivation, and how to manifest one's goals. Thank you to my recent host and "Wellness Coach for Women Over 40" Lynnis Woods-Mullins in Sacramento for a fabulous Sister Soul Saturday at her home recently May 20. The networking, beautiful guests, food, and vendors were wonderful. A big shout out to the other wellness presenters Melinda Penny-Washington, and Rosetella Pierre Louis who are so informative and passionate about our health and well-being.

I was born for this and if you want to host a gathering in your home or church with me, call 323.964.1736 or email

My first speaking presentation was in my home in 1985 in Cerritos, CA and my career expanded internationally from there (e.g. London, Brazil, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Cancun, The Virgin Islands, St. Kitts, South Africa, and 35 states in America). So teaching in the intimacy of someone's home, inside or outside, is natural and so much fun!!!!

This is the second time Lynnis has invited me to speak and we will plan another soon. Stay tuned.

"You and Lynnis are the example of being able to radiate regal sensuality at any age. We need to see more women like you two!" -Melinda Penny-Washington

"On May 21, 2023, I attended Sister Soul Saturday event at the home of Lynnis Woods-Mullins in Sacramento, California. I just wanted to let you know how blessed I was to be in the audience. Both you and Lynnis gave such great content, and information as well as being so encouraging and inspirational. I really received what I needed, you gave me a call to action. Both of you did a wonderful job with such class, and grace, and did it in such a relatable way." - Vicki

Thank you to all of our sister $owers partners for your kindness, time, prayers, love, and support. Because of you...Women on the Grow, 501c3 is able to reach out to so many hurting women (depression, grief, cancer, unemployment, divorce, caregiving, displaced, trauma, etc.) New donors can go to or Zelle (the phone number linked to Zelle is 909.489.3733)

Saturday, June 3 - 10 AM

New Testament Church United Christian Women's Ministry

Guest Speaker - Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor

"Finding Joy in the Midst of Hard Times"

No admission fee - free will offering

1941 West Florence, Los Angeles

My GRANDson Codey wanted to say "HI"

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