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WINsday Inspiration

You may be screaming..."I didn't ask for this!" or "When will my pain and waiting end?" or you feel like you are emotionally bleeding and too weak to pass the discouragement test.

Yes you can!!!!!

Faith can not be attained like an instant spiritual weave. Faith and trust build up over time.

You are not lazy, stuck, stupid, unworthy, forgotten, or unmotivated because you find yourself living in survival mode. You may feel overwhelmed because of your physical or emotional pain, people, problems, pressures, and predicaments you are dealing with.

This Sunday's DiaMIND INNERversity encouragement Zoom room session will focus on powerful coping skills to cope with stress and faith fatigue. I will offer 10 points that can really inspire and revive your faith in yourself and God. Isolation, procrastination, fear, shame, and worry are the tools of darkness and defeat. Being available, teachable, ready, and open for upgrades of your faith, worthiness, courage, and victory can sustain you and prepare you for future encounters.

INNER PEACE is the new success despite external circumstances. Stay in the light.

To receive the link and password for Sunday DiaMIND INNERversity virtual encouragement zoom -

No fee to attend...donations optional and appreciated


You're invited to hear my message from my publication "InspiHERation" this week Thursday, Sept 21 in Pasadena, CA for the International Association of Women on the Saybrook University campus, 6:00 pm


We had a couple of cancellations for our upcoming Malibu reTREAT Sept 27-29, 2023.

This is the link if you wish to register before the rooms are taken!!


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1 Comment

Patricia Goings
Patricia Goings
Sep 20, 2023

Thank you for the “Stealing the Light“ video . That was Awesome! LOL😂

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